Telent begins work to improve road and bus network performance across London

Telent has successfully started work to maintain and improve London’s traffic signal technology. Excellent performance levels have been reported following a smooth mobilisation.

Telent was awarded an eight-year contract by Transport for London (TfL) this year to supply, install and maintain traffic technology assets across 11 South London boroughs, and CCTV Outstation equipment throughout London.

"This is a major contract to deliver a better road service across a large city and we’re delighted to have commenced the work with a seamless transition of the maintenance of traffic signal and CCTV assets. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of London’s transport networks, including being the incumbent provider for the CCTV contract, and having worked with TfL on major projects including the late Queen’s funeral, King’s Coronation and previous TCSM2 contract, we were able to begin the work without disruption to Londoners.”"

- Adam Scriven, Account Director London Surface Communications at Telent

The aim of the traffic technology contract is to improve operational performance for TfL’s road and bus networks, while reducing operating costs and environmental impacts.

Telent is responsible for Automated Traffic Signals (ATS), Variable Message Signs (VMS), and Overheight Vehicle Detectors (OVD) assets within 11 South London boroughs, and for CCTV Outstation equipment throughout the whole of London.

Telent is enhancing the service delivery by using remote monitoring and data analytics to deliver a pro-active, environmentally-friendly service to TfL. Proactive services and preventative maintenance are carried out so that devices can be replaced before they fail, meaning that there is less disruption to traffic. Fewer reactive maintenance visits also reduces environmental impact.

Telent will utilise its TRAMMS platform (Transport Maintenance Management System), a solution that lets the company manage all customer contracts, service provisioning and oversee service and performance management from a single system.

The traffic technology contract is a result of the amalgamation of TfL’s TCMS2 and CCTV Outstation business-critical contracts, for which Telent has been an incumbent supplier since 2014. Over the course of the TCMS2 contract, Telent modernised over 300 sites as part of the asset renewal programme, upgrading all sites to energy and cost-saving LED technology.

Telent also played a pivotal role in ensuring smooth operations during the Royal Funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as part of ‘Operation London Bridge’ in 2022, with the work involving the removal and re-installation of over 500 signal poles in an incredibly short and challenging timeframe.

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