National Infrastructure Rollout

Fixed line & mobile applications. Core, distribution & access networks. Fibre, copper & wireless technologies.

Our capability in areas like national infrastructure rollout really highlights the scope of our operations in the Service Provider market. Thanks to decades of experience servicing and developing networks we use every day, we provide a single interface to our customers reducing management costs and providing a focused, cost-effective & efficient national infrastructure rollout.

Infrastructure Services Overview

We build and maintain gigabit external network infrastructure for the UK and Ireland’s operators.

We provide robust, flexible and scalable solutions backed by our proven capability to deliver when required objectives

A technical understanding of deploying networks and development of the standards and specifications relating to the installation to reduce lead times and cost

A flexible organisation to meet the volume demands of the various work streams.

A financially stable, profitable service organisation whose reputation has been built on a century of operation

Comprehensive understanding of Health and Safety and Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015

Our market experience spans the full lifecycle of a network, from acquisition, design and build to the day-to-day operation and maintenance of a telecoms network. We provide network infrastructure for varied businesses and purposes from mobile and fixed to enterprise, emergency and security operations

We have the ability to make cost savings whilst simultaneously delivering to the standards of contemporary network requirements and supporting the migration or optimisation of legacy systems.

In a constantly evolving telecoms market we aim to always lead the market so that we can always provide you with the most appropriate network solutions. This attitude to advanced technology established our early expertise in wireless networks, enabling us to provide the efficient, cost effective implementation and support of national networks across the UK. Recent projects delivered include services for Sky and ECI Telecom.

Technical Capabilities

Network design – includes transmission

Site design

Site acquisition

Build – civils


Installation and commissioning


Network optimisation

Remote and site fault rectification

Maintenance – reactive and planned

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