Ambulance Radio Programme

Upgrading mobile communications devices in 11 NHS Ambulance Trusts across England and Wales

Telent has been awarded a major contract to upgrade the mobile communications devices in all 11 NHS Ambulance Trusts across England & Wales.

The ARP Mobile Data & Vehicle Solution (MDVS) Programme provides resilient mobile data communication suitable for Ambulances, Rapid Response and other emergency vehicles. The contract, which is managed by the NHS Ambulance Radio Programme (ARP), will allow for a more effective and reliable mobilisation communications platform, improving the ability to meet challenging response times for frontline ambulance clinicians during emergencies.

Replacing the existing hardware solution with new and improved future proofed solutions, Telent and the ARP will deliver the Mobile Data Vehicle Solution (MDVS) programme. This will involve the installation and maintenance of advanced radio and data services in an estimated 5,000 ambulances across England, with the option to include Wales. The contract includes ongoing support for the installed hardware solution for an initial period of five years, with the option to extend for a further two years.

Telent completes first ambulance communication systems upgrades for the Ambulance Radio Programme

Telent in a collaboration with Terrafix has completed the installation of next-gen Mobile Data equipment for the first test ambulances in the North East Ambulance Service and Yorkshire Ambulance Service as part of a nationwide project to replace existing mobile communication systems with new digital services for every ambulance and rapid response vehicle in England.

Critical comms collaboration unlocks Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust savings

800 ambulance service vehicles across Wales are undergoing a major communications refresh. The communications rollout will maintain the important communications link between control rooms and ambulance service vehicles, with the local collaboration bringing cost savings and minimising the time ambulances are off the road.

A complete transition service to ESN

Fleet upgrades are a major consideration in the move to ESN, but there are many more aspects for emergency services organisations to consider. Telent have a proven capability delivering and supporting major fleet communication upgrade projects but also provide a complete portfolio of additional services to support the transition to ESN.

Tranisition Management

Telent’s experience with technology solutions and mission critical communications for the emergency services, means we can provide a comprehensive range of services for auditing and planning to support organisations prepare for the transition to ESN.

Vehicle Services

A complete range of ESN vehicle services, including pre-transition fleet surveys, collaborative vehicle installation design, installations, safe disposal of old devices, and ongoing maintenance for ESN equipment.

Control Room

Telent provides access to a range of commercial off-the-shelf systems, procuring, integrating, deploying and managing these to deliver a complete control room solution.


The expertise and vendor certifications to provide network planning, design, deployment and support of LAN, WAN, WiFi and radio networks. This includes upgrades to meet Code of Connection requirements plus cyber and IT security services.

Station Systems

Telent offers an ESN upgrade route for Station End systems, through the deployment of a dual SIM router that combines high-performance with advanced security features. The proven solution replaces Paknet and PSTN bearers and prepares systems to be ready for the transition to ESN.

Mobile Data Vehicle Solution (MDVS)

Designed and developed by Terrafix is a bespoke engineered ‘smart’ mobile vehicle router that is capable of connecting to multiple mobile communications bearers for resilience, including the Emergency Services Network (ESN) and the current Airwave network.

The upgrade will enhance communications for frontline ambulance workers, and the MDVS installation includes a vehicle data router and a fully ruggedised Panasonic TOUGHBOOK touch screen tablet device.

Leanne Smith, Director of Digital (Interim) at WAST

“It is vital that our ambulance service vehicles have reliable and unfailing communications around the clock to effectively undertake our daily duties for our communities. The collaboration with Panasonic and Telent ensures the communications equipment refresh is completed locally, minimising the cost and downtime of the vehicles that would otherwise have had to be transported outside of the region for operational space.”

Grant Cowans, Head of Operations (Ambulance Radio Programme) at Telent

“We know what a fantastic job emergency services teams perform across Wales, and we are pleased to play our role in helping the Welsh Ambulance Service continue to deliver high quality services for their communities. This project follows our successful delivery of the pilot deployment of the National Mobilisation Application (NMA) as part of the Ambulance Radio Programme (ARP) for Yorkshire Ambulance Services.”

Duncan Bray, ARP Director

"ARP is pleased to see that collaboration between Panasonic and Telent will support the implementation of the Mobile Data and Vehicle Solution into Wales. This is a prime example of collaborative working benefiting everyone involved.”

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