Remote Monitoring System

Telent’s Remote Monitoring System (RMS) was developed to be a cost effective solution capable of monitoring traffic signal controllers from any manufacturer. The integration of CCTV cameras has greatly enhanced the level of situational awareness that a user has across their traffic control assets.

The Remote Monitoring System is managed and hosted by Telent removing the need for a customer to invest in and maintain on-premises server hardware. The roadside assets are connected to the system using mobile (3G/4G) or wired (DSL) IP communications.

Simple to use, with an intuitive web-based interface, the architecture allows for the health and performance of a junction or crossing to be assessed easily from anywhere with an internet connection and a tablet or laptop.

Controller faults are reported centrally, and the system can send email or SMS notifications to individual users to allow the most serious faults to be dealt with quickly. The ability to remotely interrogate the controller allows an engineer to be forearmed with knowledge of the likely problem and hence increases the chances of a first time fix.

A member of the public’s report of “stuck” traffic lights can be instantly checked without the need to dispatch an engineer.

The system has been designed by engineers experienced in managing and maintaining traffic control equipment and is used by more than 20 local authorities right across the UK.


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