Transport for London

TFL is one of Telent’s longest standing customers having maintained communication assets since 1996.

Telent were selected by TfL in 2019 to manage a wide and complex range of communication assets, including public address speakers, CCTV cameras inside and on buildings, customer help points, and information displays. The contract is for just over a seven-year period and began in January 2020. The contract combines maintenance services, system design and upgrade work to TfL’s communications systems across a vast array of environments and sites, including all London Underground stations, depots and operational buildings, TfL office buildings, bus stations, river piers, cycle hire stations and the London Transport museum.

On the roads Telent maintain the CCTV covering Northwest, West and Southwest London following a recent contract extension. Under the agreement, which Telent has held since April 2015, it will continue to provide maintenance of more than 800 street-based CCTV cameras and associated Operator Interfaces, in TfL’s control centre, offices and on London’s streets. Telent also restore, upgrade and install CCTV equipment across each of the 33 London Boroughs on TfL’s road network, acting as the eyes on the street for TfL. The contract provides a highly scalable solution that maintains the current high operational performance and reduces staff time for planning and inspection of the CCTV equipment.

"“Telent are proud to be one of Transport for London’s suppliers. Using innovative approaches and with our experienced team, we continue to build on our market-leading whole-life approach, ensuring that we constantly deliver best value for both TfL and Londoners.”"

- Steve Dalton, Managing Director, Transport at Telent

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