Telent provides proactive monitoring and maintenance at London Bridge Station

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Telent carry out proactive monitoring of all network connected equipment, best practice preventative maintenance and reactive maintenance across the station’s assets. Our Management Integration and Control of Assets (MICA) system alongside SolarWinds and Telent’s proprietary Arbitex software, provide continual monitoring enabling us to meet strict SLAs and keep systems running for the 56 million passengers who pass through London Bridge each year.

Contract Overview

Our dedicated delivery team based at London Bridge use our software solutions and industry expertise to enable us to meet and exceed strict contracted SLAs. We maintain 7000+ assets across systems comprising:

PA/VA Audio System

  • A voice alarm / public address system providing audio broadcast to the station with broadsheet and zonal selection capabilities and all the associated loudspeakers.
  • Interfaced to the station fire system to provide required alerts and alarms.
  • Our maintenance is fully aligned to comply with Network Rail standard NR/L3/TEL/30170.We work with the maintainer of the Fire system to ensure the PAVA is fully compliant.

Electronic Access Control System (EACS)

  • An access control system and associated Commend intercom system.


  • A Video Management System with IP cameras at locations across the station. This includes the Station Control Room CCTV video wall.

Station Data Network

  • A station-wide data network utilising both copper and fibre in a resilient network to enable effective integrated communications between systems and external connections.
  • The system consists of copper and fibre cabling, IT switches, firewalls and patch panels.
  • Node locations spread across the station contain between 2 and 4 stacked switches at key points around the station enabling easy IP connectivity for any existing / additional IP assets.
  • Includes responsibility for the security and configuration control of all the managed switches. Supports the remote monitoring and management of IP connected assets.

MICA Station Management System

  • A Telent developed, deployed, and maintained product which provides the Station Management Team with a “command and control system” to support the real time station’s operations, also integrates with the EACS, CCTV, SDN and PA/VA systems.

Telent’s role

Acting as maintainer, we designed, developed, deployed and maintained various SISS assets introducing MICA to manage asset failures.

Deliverables and objectives achieved

Planned Maintenance

Reactive Maintenance

Asset Management

Software Maintenance

Third-Party Maintenance Support

Obsolescence Management

Remote Monitoring & Resolution

Telent has exceeded SLA targets consistently since the inception of the contract.

Our collaborative approach and proven track record working at these key stations has made us a long-term partner of choice for Network Rail.

Our teams have worked round the clock with stakeholders to ensure this key station’s critical assets are maintained.

For example, Telent used its internal specialist PAVA experts to improve the audibility of the system in specific areas of the station after the completion of the London Bridge Station redevelopment project and the start of the maintenance agreement.

This resulted in reduced complaints from residents local to the station and clearer announcements, maintaining compliance of PAVA system.

Benefits and Added Value

Permanent presence of dedicated team – providing ongoing assurance of asset performance, proactive maintenance support, rapid response and collaboration with Network Rail and station stakeholders.

Periodic reporting – A suite of reports aligned to contract deliverables are presented quarterly to Network Rail to provide a full overview of Telent performance.

Risk register management – Where assets installed may become obsolete, Telent provides a full risk analysis of the impact and specialises in providing solutions to mitigate the risk by use of alternative assets available in the market or a different technical solution.

A 24/7/365 service centre – Manages the lifecycle of faults, from initial logging through to successful resolution, guiding the customer through queries and providing them with updates. The centre coordinates field engineers to ensure 24/7 onsite support and consistent KPI adherence. They also manage fault escalations, handle subcontractor management, and facilitate the ordering of spares.

Telent’s Management Integration and Control of Assets, Station Management System (MICA) – Used extensively across London Underground (LU) and by Network Rail (NR) for the busiest stations across the UK. Complemented by our experienced consultation, installation, maintenance and support services, MICA’s intuitive features make key operational tasks easier for staff, simplifying operations of multiple systems through one simple interface.

Telent’s proprietary Arbitex software – Enables automatic remote checking of CCTV images without the need for any manual intervention until an issue is picked up by the numerous algorithms Arbitex uses to check for any changes to the image being displayed or an image not being present. Provides a much quicker identification of issues than the typical labour-intensive manual checking of the images or reliance on station staff reporting the issues. Arbitex is being utilised on various London Underground, Network Rail and TOC contracts enabling a more efficient and productive maintenance regime.

Solarwinds – Remotely monitors any IP asset to check for various stages of status and with certain assets can report back on things like HDD performance, CPU temperature and other critical measurements. Enables pre-emptive maintenance to stop faults occurring as the issue can be spotted before it becomes a failure and therefore minimises business and operation impact. Telent utilise Solarwinds on various London Underground, Network Rail and Rail Operator contracts.

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