Station Systems

Station End systems that mobilise fire stations, alert retained firefighters to respond to an incident and page RNLI lifeboat crew to mobilise for a launch.

From the second a 999 call is made to a Fire and Rescue Service, the technology infrastructure becomes critical in alerting crews and enabling efficient, effective response. We are the Partner of choice for over 20 fire and rescue services across the UK and Ireland, providing and supporting their Station End solutions – a vital resource mobilising firefighters and fire appliances.

Partner of choice

We supply, upgrade, install and support Station End solutions, tailored to meet your specific operational needs

PSTN Replacement for secondary bearers

The switch off and withdrawal of the PSTN network at the end of 2025 is being widely publicised. In many cases these traditional telephone lines are currently used as a secondary bearer for station end and mobilisation systems.

A range of PSTN replacement solutions are available from Telent that use 4G mobile network services to provide the secondary bearer capability, including an option that is compatible with the ESN Connect service. These solutions have been developed and deployed specifically for mobilisation applications across fire and rescue services plus other public safety organisations. The ESN ready solution was provided to Avon FRS to replace its secondary bearer Paknet network.

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Station End systems power multi-devices including sounders, lights, printers and databases within the fire station. These systems mobilise firefighters and resources on station, simultaneously alerting retained firefighters via integrated radio paging systems. The Station End system is directly connected to the central control room, vital information from the control room team is delivered via the Station End system to firefighters and directly to Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) in the fire appliances. This mobilises the response to the emergency incident while disseminating vital information such as the location and nature of the emergency incident.

We supply, upgrade, install and support Station End solutions, tailored to meet the specific operational needs of individual fire and rescue services. With a nationwide engineering force and 24 x 7 service centres we support fire and rescue services around the UK from Cleveland down to Cornwall, across to Norfolk and over to North Wales plus Northern Ireland FRS and all county fire services in the Republic of Ireland.

Supply of Equipment & Solutions - Mobilisation Systems; Peripheral devices; Paging & Alerting solutions; Networking

Upgrades of Existing Solutions - ESN readiness & transition; Security, Windows & Server upgrades; Bearer upgrades for Paknet & PSTN replacement; Antenna Replacement

PSTN Replacement Solutions – A ranged of Secondary Bearer options based on 4G mobile network services, including ESN compatible solutions

Installation Services - Project Management; Pre-Work Site Survey; Pre-Staging; Installation; Acceptance Testing

Support Services - 24x7 Service Centres; Maintenance & Software Support - 24x7 with SLA; Station End Preventative Maintenance; Security & Patching Services

Related Services - MDT supply, install & support; Control Rooms; Bearer Services; Vehicle Services; ESN Transition Services; Fireground Radio

Evergreen Station End, ready for ESN

The role of Station End systems is critical in the mobilisation of resources, providing the vital link from control room to firefighters and appliances. Because of this mission critical function, Station End systems are typically connected via multiple bearer networks to provide resiliency, with the Paknet service and PSTN lines frequently used as secondary or even tertiary connections. However, both of these services are due to be retired and systems will also require compatibility with ESN.

Telent offers fire and rescues services an evergreen upgrade route for Station End systems, through the deployment of a dual SIM router that is ESN compatible and combines high-performance with advanced security features. The proven solution has been developed for mission critical applications and delivers the perfect solution to replace Paknet and PSTN bearers and prepare systems to be ready for the transition to ESN.

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