Modern Networks

Connecting people, devices, organisations, communities and applications

A best of breed approach to networks for large organisations operating across multiple locations or campus environments. Combining wired, wireless and SD-WAN technologies with security designed in from the start and AI management applications to optimise network performance.

Networks are the enabling foundation of all technology solutions and digital transformation projects, connecting people, organisations, supply chains, communities, devices and applications. As users we all now expect to connect wirelessly whether in the work place, at home or on the move, with us all using multiple devices.

Connected, smart devices proliferate in our workplaces and operational environments. This Internet of Things is increasing the number of connected devices but also increase the complexity of network management and IT security risks. Legacy or traditional networks struggle to cope with this rapid expansion of connected devices, the associated growth in bandwidth, plus the migration of data and applications to the cloud.

At Telent our response to this challenge is to create best of breed network solutions from leading technology vendors. This approach is supported by our professional services teams for the design, build, support and management of projects. We take the approach of “security built-in” to our network and IT solutions and have our own dedicated cyber security resources.

Total Flexibility - Wired and wireless for single site, multi-site, campus environment and Internet of Things

Cloud based AI - AI driven operations and monitoring, ensures network configurations is optimised to reduce trouble tickets

Virtual Network Assistant - Dramatically reduces the time to resolution for user reported issues.

Leading edge Access Points - WiFi 6E with virtual BLE for with advanced location services.

Unleashing the network potential at the University of Oxford

A network refresh that achieves the grade. As a result of Telent’s work, University of Oxford is now safer, more secure and more connected than ever before, with reliable networking infrastructure that serves as a foundation to support future growth and development.

Delivering Digital Transformation project for a leading Russell Group University

In the £11 million project, Telent were responsible for designing and building the university’s IT and telecommunications infrastructure. The digital transformation supports the university’s ambition to retain its position as one of the best in the country, while bolstering new revenue streams, cutting operational costs and preserving highly valued university brands and reputations.

Our expertise, accreditations and knowledge make us a trusted partner for organisations at the forefront of the digital revolution.

Higher Education

Enhancing the student experience through IT transformation in Higher Education.


Delivering vital communications and IT infrastructure for power station


Providing coverage across your entire site, both within buildings and across campus and operational base environments.

Public Sector

IT networks, technology solutions and professional services for public sector organisations to support digital transformation projects and the delivery of essential public services.

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