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Improve customer experience and operational performance by consolidating communications for fire, security, building management and digital intelligence systems through innovation using a single, operator-friendly user interface that enables operators to efficiently manage stations during both normal operations and disruption.

MICA enhances operator effectiveness by ensuring all alerts, incidents and communications are automatically brought to their attention through a single screen. MICA can be integrated with existing and new technology, giving operators the capability to control and combine functions from multiple systems including video surveillance, public address and help points with the added benefit of smart cameras and IoT sensors to detect near real-time safety, trespass, security, environmental and operational incidents, creating a seamless transfer of automated AI generated alerts for better human outcomes.

Improved operational efficiency - Single screen interface removes the costly need for operators to learn multiple applications and manually switch between different systems

Real-time visibility - Live video feeds enable operators are able to respond faster improving decision making and increasing safety

Automation of key actions - Operators are better able to control and manage security, safety and communications for better human outcomes

Continuous system evolution - With a scalable and modular feature set, MICA is a dynamic system that can be updated for new operational use cases, increased usability, and expansion in line with customer demands

Business Intelligence - Real-time AI data insights using cutting edge, machine learning, IoT and data analytics to improve safety, security, operational performance and experiences through the detection of people and objects

Supporting your smart buildings

Video Surveillance Systems (VSS)

MICA consolidates, monitors and controls multiple VSS in a single user interface, integrating with a range of both IP and analogue cameras. It provides automated camera switching and recording, which can be triggered by events and alarms. It also provides simple asset and system availability indication.

Public Address and Voice Alarms (PAVA)

To increase operator efficiency and accuracy MICA has an announcement library providing: Manual recording; Text to speech; Quick lists & Hot Keys; Pre-sets & custom messages; Scheduling including Night PA; Background Music.

Passenger Information

MICA is fully integrated with a range of passenger information displays in addition to custom displays and webpages. It is able to replicate information displays on the operator interface so the operator can check the accuracy of information from the control room.

Help Points

MICA supports a range of call points including help points, fire call points, lift intercoms and video intercoms. Cameras can focus on areas that make and receive calls, record events and increase operator understanding of a situation. MICA has call queuing capability and can prioritise calls e.g. an emergency call over travel information.

Access & Control

MICA is fully integrated with multiple electronic door access and control systems, providing alarm notifications with CCTV and analytics integration with doors, gates, barriers and secure areas.

Fire Integration

MICA integrates a range of fire panels to enable remote isolation to be carried out, provide condition and status update, and allows sites to be re-opened in the event of a false alarm.

Analytics Integration

Transform legacy operational technology to provide cutting edge analytics. Using human intelligence and artificial intelligence MICA is able to unlock previously hidden data.

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London Bridge

Telent carry out proactive monitoring of all network connected equipment, best practice preventative maintenance and reactive maintenance across the station’s assets, keeping systems running for the 56 million passengers who pass through London Bridge each year. MICA provides the Station Management Team with a “command and control system” to support the station’s operations, integrated with the EACS, CCTV, SDN and PA/VA systems.

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Track Trespass

The introduction of AI by Telent and its insights partner, Purple Transform, has improved safety for passengers and staff, increasing security at the UK’s borders and enhancing station and train performance. We have achieved this by reducing trespass incidents and operator response times, reducing service interruptions and enabling services to be restored faster. Software analytics have been fully integrated into existing video surveillance (CCTV) and MICA systems, removing the need for costly, lengthy and disruptive system and equipment upgrades.

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