VLS - High-Rise Evacuation

Working in partnership with Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, Telent have developed and deployed the VLS, to address the challenge of high-rise building evacuations. VLS comprises a hand-portable, self-contained, highly directional acoustic device that is able to deliver spoken commands and instructions at very high acoustic levels over distances up to 1000m – 1500m.

By enabling audio communication with residents of high rise building and other multiple occupancy residential buildings, the VLS solution is a valuable tool that can support fire and rescue services implement recommendation 33.22b of the Grenfell Report.

Grenfell Report 33.22b

That fire and rescue services develop policies for partial and total evacuation of high-rise residential buildings and training to support them.

Key features

  • Rugged, compact, portable acoustic unit​
  • Speech intelligibility at distances of 1000 - 1500 ​metres
  • 142dB peak sound level with safety lock​ to prevent accidental use
  • Remote mic and pre-recorded (MP3) operation for multi-language support​
  • 6 – 24 hour battery operation​
  • Multi-unit synchronisation for simultaneous announcements

VLS allows officers at an incident to communicate over a significant range with multiple occupants of a high-rise building simultaneously, to prove updates, safety instructions and evacuation orders. It provides multi-lingual capability through the use of pre-record standard commands. VLS has applications and use-cases for many other emergency service and public safety incidents such as flooding and wild fires.

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