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What will the tranisition to ESN mean for your fleet vehicle?

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Vehicle Connectivity solutions for emergency service vehicle fleets from Telent cover the design, installation and maintenance of communication solutions for all types of vehicles.

With expertise and experience of major emergency services fleet upgrade projects, Telent are ideally placed to assist police, fire and ambulance services with current vehicle communication technology and also help prepare for the future transition to the ESN. We work in partnership with our customers to provide ongoing vehicle communication equipment support, in addition we can securely decommission and dispose of obsolete devices. Our service is ideal for organisations who need a one stop shop for all their Vehicle Connectivity solution needs.

We have successfully delivered radio communications into a wide variety of vehicles and deployed thousands of Mobile Data Terminals (MDT’s) in operational vehicles for over 15 years. Our experience includes large-scale field service solutions on behalf of Ambulance Services, Fire and Rescue Services and from partnership working under the FireLink contract, delivering maintenance to all UK FRS radio communications. The scale of our involvement has significant impact on both the employees within the emergency services and the public for whom they serve.

Maintaining safe and secure communications

Telent can design, test, recommend, procure, install and maintain all of the communication equipment and services that an organisation’s fleet will require

Technical Capabilities

ESN Transition Services

Integration into current mobilising systems


Mobile data software and support

Options for fully or partially managed service

Supply and installation of mobile data hardware

Supply of supporting infrastructure

Training and operating instructions

Ambulance Radio Programme

Telent has been awarded a major contract to upgrade the mobile communications devices in 6,500 ambulances across all NHS Ambulance Trusts in England and Wales. The contract, which is managed by the NHS Ambulance Radio Programme (ARP), will allow for a more effective and reliable mobilisation communications platform, improving the ability to meet challenging response times for frontline ambulance clinicians during emergencies.

Replacing the existing hardware solution with new and improved future proofed solutions, Telent and ARP will deliver the Mobile Data Vehicle Solution (MDVS) programme. Providing a new Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) solution for ambulance vehicles, Telent will install and support smart vehicle routers and specially programmed and ruggedized Windows tablets. This solution will enable the in-vehicle communication and capability needed for the National Mobilisation Application (NMA), a standard platform for control rooms to communicate with ambulances.

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London Ambulance Service

The London Ambulance Service chose Telent to deliver a five-year contract for the design, installation and 24x7 365 day per year managed support of Mobile Data Terminals across the entire fleet of up to 900 vehicles, based on its extensive experience of large-scale field service solutions. The key objective of the contract is to increase vehicle-on-road-times.

Telent have been achieving this by co-coordinating a strategic programme of Planned Maintenance Inspections (PMIs), with Vehicle Maintenance schedules and station incidents, delivered by Telent’s mobile technicians. The PMI programme includes regular inspection and replacement of CMOS batteries, MDT battery packs and other consumables, along with cabling and systems inspections. The reduction in recurring faults has significantly improved vehicle-on-road availability.


Telent were selected by Airwave to deliver all services under the national Firelink contract, to provide installation and maintenance of secure radio communications and Mobile Data Terminals (MDT) to every operational fire vehicle in the UK - a total of around 10,000 appliances and fast response units.

Telent created design documents for every class of vehicle before undertaking the project management of distributing thousands of TETRA radios and MDTs, installing the equipment and managing the logistics of booking vehicles and crews off road without disrupting services. In accordance with Airwave guidelines, we designed the tests and approved the installation.

Following successful completion of the installation phase, Telent now provide a fully managed support service delivering a 24 hour fix SLA nationally.

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