Private Radio Systems

Design, installation and support across a range of private radio & microwave systems for specific user groups.

Telent has proven capability and expertise with a range of private radio technologies for applications across emergency services, public safety organisations, utilities and transport operators. Technologies include private applications and deployments of PMR, TETRA, DMR (digital mobile radio) and LTE.

These solutions are ideal for specific local areas requiring mobile communication between onsite staff and for communication applications with mission critical attributes such as utility facilities, power generation plants, major transportation hubs such as container ports and public transport terminals. Telent also provides private radio solutions for vehicle applications providing voice, data and telemetry between control centres and vehicle fleets for organisations providing public transport, service delivery, distribution and logistics.

Upgrading the mobile communications devices in 11 NHS Ambulance Trusts across England and Wales

Managed by the NHS Ambulance Radio Programme (ARP) in collaboration with Telent, Terrafix and Centerprise International. The ARP Mobile Data & Vehicle Solution (MDVS) Programme provides resilient mobile data communication suitable for Ambulances, Rapid Response and other emergency vehicles. The solution will ensure that responding resources, Paramedics, Community Responders etc, have a common platform across the UK to communicate with Ambulance control rooms. Ultimately providing a powerful communications tool that will create a secure critical communications system for all the English and Welsh Ambulance Trusts and Services.

Telent and Tait Communications enable improved firefighter safety on the ground for East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service.

New fireground radio solution increases range, improves audio quality and provides enhanced safety features. Fireground radios provide a vital safety critical communication tool for local communications between firefighters and on-scene incident commanders. They are used by firefighters in breathing apparatus when operating hoses, scaling ladders and entering buildings. East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service (ESFRS) current radios are aging and require urgent replacement.

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Telent to transform communications for more than 1,500 buses across the West Midlands

Telent’s secure digital radio managed service will deliver increased flexibility and performance to support National Express West Midlands bus operations, integrating vehicle systems with its distributed control rooms. The major contract will cover nine bus depots, including all routes across the West Midlands conurbation. The new communication solution includes the phased replacement of the existing analogue technology and core communications infrastructure currently used in the vehicles, control rooms and associated radio base station sites. Upgrading to a DMR Tier III system will provide NXWM with digital speech clarity and system resilience. It will also deliver enhanced features and the capability to add increased functionality to meet business needs.

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