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Cloud means different things to different people whether it be public, private or hybrid. Let Telent demystify the concepts.

Data centres are at the centre of modern technology, serving a critical role in the expanding capabilities for organisations. In today’s Digital Economy everyone wants access to their data quickly and securely.

As a HPE Platinum Partner, Telent offers a multi-data centre approach – on-premise, private cloud or a hybrid approach. Together Telent and HPE deliver services and technologies that increase operational effectiveness, improve workplace efficiency and support employees – more here

Telent Cloud Services

Developed to meet the needs of today’s organisations and for the demands of mission critical applications, Telent Cloud Services provide a high performance private cloud solution with complete UK sovereignty for data storage. Through best in class data centre facilities, cyber-security and partner accreditations, Telent can underpin your organisations IT requirements.

Infrastructure as a Service

Telent Cloud Services IaaS offers a highly secure and stable environment with custom options up to 99.999% availability. It provides the latest high-speed throughput compute and storage. Built on the latest technology from HPE (Synergy compute), VMware and Juniper, to provide a range of services.
For more information, download the datasheet

Back Up as a Service

Telent Cloud Services Backup as a Service (BaaS) utilises the latest technologies to provide on and off-premise managed backup solution for physical and virtual environments on customer sites. It provides an easy way to restore critical data and systems locally and remotely in the event of accidental deletion, application corruption, system failure or full-blown disaster.
For more information, download the datasheet

Our on-premise solutions are provided by world-leading vendors and our own in-house engineers. With decades of ’ experience in IT infrastructure solutions, Telent have the expertise to assist you with ensuring your datacentre environment works for your organisation.

We can help you explore all the possibilities for cohesive, efficient and easy-to-manage datacentre solutions – whether it’s on-premise, hybrid or private cloud

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