Public Address & Voice Alarms

Having the ability to make live announcements is highly important for the safety and security of the public, residents and your staff.

Our design and consultation services span across many industry areas including Rail, London Underground and Nuclear Power Stations and are an important part of the infrastructure allowing for non-emergency and emergency speech broadcast messages to be deployed.

For both types of systems, we supply you with equipment which is right for you. Customers can choose from a selection of loudspeakers which meet with the acoustic and environmental requirements of your premises, whilst Microphone options range from desktop to emergency mics.

Reliable - Tried and tested systems which are simple to use

Targeted - Announcements can be targeted to specific areas/zones

Compliant - Selected equipment is complaint and meets with industry standards

Telent works with Hello London to switch on new digital media channel across the Underground network

From February 2018, 60 digital displays will be installed across London’s underground network, exhibiting dynamic, full-motion content, which can be watched by customers when standing on station platforms.

The displays are 4.5m x 2.4m in size and will be located at 15 different tube stations within Zones 1 and 2, starting at some of the most popular stations including Liverpool Street, Piccadilly Circus, Holborn and Oxford Circus. DX3 enables advertisers to reach one of the world’s most diverse audiences, with millions of people using the London Underground each and every day.

The DX3 project acts as part of Hello London’s wider strategy, which looks at creative ways to increase revenue and enhance advertising, with significant investments from TfL.

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