Telent and Sure working together to provide ultra-fast connectivity to 170,000 users across the Channel Islands

The network upgrades in Guernsey, Jersey, London and Paris ensure Sure’s future growth

Channel Islands, 16 February 2022 – 170,000 homes and businesses across the Channel Islands and Isle of Man will have access to reliable, ultra-fast internet access thanks to the latest collaboration between technology provider Telent and leading telecommunications provider Sure.

Sure’s existing 10G core network has also been successfully upgraded to a 100G Juniper core network, helping deliver increased capacity and high-speed connections to the islands to connect businesses and public sector organisations. The project from Telent entailed major capacity upgrades and crucial security enhancements to replace the existing equipment in the Sure network.

“Telent is delighted to have worked collaboratively with Sure to help deliver ultra-fast internet connectivity to 170,000 users across the Channel Islands and Isle of Man,” said Shani Latif, Sales Director at Telent. “Our expertise to design and deploy the upgraded core network has ensured Sure’s network is high capacity, secure and reliable for its enterprise business customers across a host of sectors.”

The final customer migrations were completed in January 2022, with all ongoing upgrade, maintenance and quality assurance work for the foreseeable future scheduled by Telent to deliver a continuous connection to the Channel Islands and Isle of Man. The network implementation has future-proofed Sure’s network in preparation for new technologies, including Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH), enabling smooth and effective mass roll outs to take place. As a core network, it also delivered increased capacity to London and Paris, connecting the islands globally without the risk of interruption or latency.

“The network upgrades from Telent have delivered increased capacity and high-speed connections to the Channel Islands to connect businesses and public sector organisations,” Sure Chief Operating Officer Cyrille Joffre said. “Coupled with our tier3 datacentres and private cloud infrastructure located in both Guernsey and Jersey, the Telent and Sure successful 100 Gigabits infrastructure collaboration opens a new horizon for international and local business looking to setup or expand business leveraging Sure’s services. And this future-proofed network means that we are well-placed for roll outs of the latest technologies in the years ahead.”

International connectivity for the islands is provided through dedicated points of presence (PoPs) in London and Paris, with links back to Sure’s other UK operations in the Isle of Man. These installations further enhance the international connectivity for Sure’s enterprise business customers overseas in sectors including financial technology, gaming, betting and offshore finance that require a consistent connection directly to the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

Ensuring that the overall security of the network was not compromised by any international cyber threats, Telent implemented a joint Corero Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) solution to provide real time, automated protection. This service detects any signs of incoming threats and blocks any malicious traffic that could potentially degrade the network performance. The project has helped Sure increase capacity, reliability, speed and security to enhance its consumer, enterprise and wholesale propositions within and between its core network locations.

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