Telent pledges support to road future research initiatives

In its commitment to the future of the UK road network, Telent has joined the University of Cambridge/National Highways-led Future Road Fellowship, as an industry partner.

The Fellowship’s goal is to support the training, mobility and career development of experienced researchers committed to advancing research into the digital and sustainable transformation of road networks.

As part of the Roads Research Alliance (RRA) Telent has joined 21 companies, National Highways and Cambridge University to support research and innovation across the Highways sector.

It will be a vehicle to provide coordination and support to road sector research, with real world practical insight, in a programme that will identify and drives key areas of change across the sector.

Telent, along with other founding members, will shape the research challenges in the initiative, support and mentor the projects to deliver success, and identify opportunities for commercialisation.


The continued development of the country’s road network is crucial to the economic future of this country. As a UK-based company that has been, and is, privileged to play a key role in the success of digital roads, we are committed to working with National Highways, our industry partners and Cambridge University to ensure that they have the technology, expertise and experience to tackle these future challenges. The RRA charter will be a vital component to realise that goal, and we look forward to working with the other organisations committed to it.


- Andy Gifford

Highways Director, Telent Technology Services Ltd

Telent has signed up at a crucial time as the programme tackles sustainability and how the industry delivers the solutions needed to achieve its net zero targets. Developing and applying future materials, technologies, and operations are critical to meeting these challenges. 

Leading the Telent contribution are Martin Herbert, Head of Contract Services, Andy Gifford, Highways Director, and Steve Dalton, MD for Transport.

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