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About BT Openreach

BT is the guardian of the UK’s local access network – sometimes referred to as the ‘first mile’. It has to ensure that the quality of its network is second-to-none

BT’s requirement

The company is constantly upgrading it the network, to provide new services to its subscribers across the UK, and this means a huge volume of work. To carry this out smoothly and effectively, Openreach supplements its own in-house engineering resources with partners who are chosen for their ability to provide high-quality, reliable and responsive infrastructure services.

Our solution

We have brought scale and reliability to these operations in the East Midlands, Outer London and Inner London regions. BT Openreach benefits from our 300 qualified cabling engineers constantly on-call to carry out civil engineering, pole renewals and underground cabling to support stringent service level requirements.


The three regions that we serve have been regularly ranked by BT Openreach as top-performing. Our highly-skilled field force has exceeded service delivery levels, because the interface with BT’s own management and business systems works has been smooth and well-managed. We believe we have brought BT Openreach step-change improvements in quality, as well new levels of efficiency in cabling operations.

Customer’s testimonial

“My experience of working with Telent has been very, very good. I’ve been really pleased. We get really good co-operation from our Telent team. They’re always very responsive to our needs, and always try to do their best to meet our objectives.”
Mark Goodrum Whole Life Broadband Solutions Manager, BT Openreach East Midlands Region

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