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Drawing on its extensive heritage, Telent can recommend, procure, integrate and manage all of the software that emergency service control rooms require to communicate with the public and personnel in the field.

As Blue Light organisations transition from the TETRA radio system onto the Emergency Services Network (ESN), it is vital that mission critical communications can continue to take place, both with the general public and service personnel. Telent offers its Control Room service to provide the updated infrastructure that control room operators require to handle calls with the public, dispatch staff, and interact with personnel over the new network whilst in the field. This service is suitable for customers who need a one stop shop for all their Control Room needs.

About Control Room

Telent supplies its Control Room services to Blue Light customers. Telent covers all areas of the modern control room, including recommending, procuring, integrating and managing a range of software applications. This means that emergency services can concentrate on protecting the public, while Telent manages the control room communication infrastructure. By utilising a single communication specialist, organisations can also save valuable time and resources.

All control room software applications need to be stable and capable of dealing with mission critical calls, whilst allowing operators to despatch the right personnel and communicate with them across the network. The ESN will also provide access to rich media from both the general public and operatives in the field. The dispatchers’ role is changing, with access to Big Data (social media, location data and video) which can be utilised to improve situational awareness and support better decision making. These decisions need to be communicated swiftly and precisely.

Telent offers software applications that ensure all parties are kept appraised of incident developments which are logged and that the urgency grade is monitored as situations develop. Telent is vendor agnostic, which means it will work closely with customers to source the best solutions at competitive prices for installation within control rooms. All installations are managed by Telent, which covers the testing of equipment and any necessary and relevant software updates as they become available

Product features

Telent provides customers with access to a range of commercial off-the-shelf solutions that can be selected from and then integrated to form a single complementary solution. These include:

  1. Telephony/ Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) - Communicate with incident stakeholders using IP technology, which is designed for redundancy on different levels, has low latency coupled with end-to-end encryption for voice and data.
  2. Contact Management System (CMS) - Log incidents and report crimes in accordance with the National Standard of Incident Recording and the National Standard of Crime Recording rules.
  3. Computer-aided dispatch (CAD) including Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - Record the location
  4. of incidents and assess the proximity of potential responders. Dispatch of the nearest available resource type to the right location in the most efficient way possible.
  5. Integrated Communications Control System (ICCS) - Emergency call handling, radio dispatch via TETRA or ESN, resource management, access control and video monitoring into a single user interface.
  6. Mobile Data System (MDS) - Sends mobilisation information from CAD to a Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) in the vehicle via TETRA, ESN or Mobile Network.
  7. Records Management System (RMS) - Stores historical data and media that is used during incident management in determining the most appropriate response. Also used for shaping future response strategies.

Benefits of Telent installation

  • A bespoke solution – Telent will undertake a customer survey to ensure that each control room is correctly specified
  • Proven delivery and decreased risk – Telent’s experience in control room software means it can provide a ‘right first time’ installation
  • Cost effective – Access to commercial off-the-shelf software provides customers with innovative, yet proven technology whilst delivering value for money, plus cloud based software supports resilience and can be easily scaled depending on customer requirements
  • Vender agnostic – Telent’s Control Room Service allows customers to choose the best solution that meets
  • its needs in accordance with the recommendations outlined in Telent’s survey
  • Partnership – Telent works with its customers to develop long-term technology roadmaps. This means that Blue Light organisations can ensure they are utilising best practice and minimising costs wherever possible
  • Easy to deal with – Telent will manage all interactions with third party equipment providers to make the process seamless
  • Transforming dispatch – Allowing dispatchers to access Big Data will improve the efficiency of incident response. This will allow collaboration between the public, control centre dispatchers and field force operatives
  • Highly trained engineers – All Telent installers are fully audited and regularly trained on the latest technologies. This means emergency services can concentrate on protecting the public, while Telent provides their control room communications infrastructure


Telent integrates commercial off-the-shelf software to allow emergency service control rooms to communicate with staff utilising the ESN and improve its response to the general public. Telent can recommend, procure, and manage the control room connectivity suite so that emergency services can concentrate on protecting the public, while Telent provides the control room communications infrastructure. This service is suitable for customers who need a one stop shop for all their Control Room connectivity needs.

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