Telent to attend Ambulance Leadership Forum

Telent will be attending the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives (AACE) annual conference, Ambulance Leadership Forum 2022 (ALF) alongside CEOs and senior leaders from all UK Ambulance Trusts. ALF will be held on the 6th & 7th September at Hinkley Island in Leicestershire, with many delegates arriving on 5th of September to enjoy an informal networking dinner sponsored by Telent.

The conference will focus on the challenges facing UK ambulance services to meet and improve clinical outcomes, set against the backdrop of intense demand across health services. On the first day, ALF will be addressed by NHS England CEO Amanda Pritchard as well as Chris Hopson, Chief Strategy Officer at NHS England.

On the agenda for day two of the conference is a presentation from the NHS Ambulance Radio Programme (ARP) which will highlight the forthcoming rollout of the Mobile Data & Vehicle Solution (MDVS) Programme. The MDVS scheme provides resilient mobile data communications suitable for ambulances, rapid response and other emergency vehicles for all NHS Ambulance Trusts across England and Wales.

During the conference Telent will demonstrate the National Mobilisation Application (NMA) supported on the Mobile Data & Vehicle Solution. This key element of the ARP will be demonstrated on the Telent stand in conjunction with colleagues from ARP, allowing delegates at the conference to experience the new solution that will provide a standard platform for control rooms to communicate with ambulances.

Telent has been awarded a major contract, which is managed by ARP, to upgrade the mobile communications devices that support the MDVS in an estimated 6500 ambulance vehicles. MDVS will allow for a more effective and reliable mobilisation communications platform, improving the ability to meet challenging response times for frontline ambulance clinicians during emergencies.

In the exhibition space alongside the conference, the Telent team will be available to discuss its comprehensive portfolio of IT and mission-critical technology solutions for the emergency services covering the design, deployment and support of solutions. This portfolio includes control room services, critical communication networks, a complete range of ICT services from Wi-Fi and data centres to desk top support and cloud-based applications, ESN transition services plus of course vehicle communication solutions as used by ARP.

Ambulance Radio Programme

Major contract to upgrade the mobile communications devices in 11 NHS Ambulance Trusts across England and Wales.

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