Station End

From the second a 999 call is made to a Fire and Rescue Service, the technology infrastructure becomes critical in alerting crews and enabling efficient, effective response. We are the Partner of choice for Station End dedicated computer solutions.

Station End systems power multi-devices including sounders, lights, printers and databases, alerting firefighters and providing them with an information and action resource the moment it is required. It enables fast emergency response, disseminating vital information such as the location and nature of the emergency incidence. Station End is connected and activated by the central Command and Control system.

We have a number of Station End installations and support contract.  We were also instrumental in the rollout of Station End on the National FiReControl project. One of our largest projects met the requirements for a dedicated Plant Interface Unit and managed support for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, further demonstrating our technical capabilities in design, installation and management on a mass scale.

We tailor our solutions to meet specific customer needs and also provide support via our 24/7/365 technical Support Centre’s and UK wide engineering field force.

Technical Capabilities

  • Managed services
  • Installation and system Integration
  • At height working for antenna checks and repairs
  • Anti-virus
  • Cyfas
  • Dedicated plant interface unit
  • Multi-tone
  • Patching
  • Planned maintenance
  • Plant interface units
  • Remsdaq
  • SEED
  • Upgrades

Customer References

Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service

Awarded in 2011, Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service (HWFRS) required us to provide a SEED Command and  Control Mobilising System and a Cyfas Integrated Communications Control System.

The first contract of its kind in England, following the Government’s decision to cancel the national Fire Control project, was issued through HWFRS’s prime contractor, Computacenter.

We are providing end-to-end services from delivery and integration through to ongoing support for systems, Mobile Data Terminals and Station End equipment. The new technology will enable HWFRS access to more precise information, in turn assisting in a greater level of efficient emergency response.

Greater Manchester Fire Service

Contracted by Greater Manchester Fire Service (GMFS) for the managed support of all Station End assets and mobilising communications solutions.

Mersey Fire and Rescue Service

Mersey Fire and Rescue Service (MRFS) is one of the largest fire services in the UK. We provided and the managed the implementation and support of a service wide ICT infrastructure in 2002. MFRS employ more than 1,800 people to work in their administrative service centres from 26 community fire stations.

Following a complete review of their existing ICT systems we embarked on an extensive improvement programme delivering end-to-end ICT infrastructure including ICT systems of CAD, ICCS, MDT and Station End equipment at all MFRS locations. We are also providing an IT and telecommunications Support Desk, accessible round the clock.

We continue to work with MRFS today.

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