telent’s pedestrian crossing timer keeps London traffic moving

Traffic Signal Control & Maintenance


telent has been chosen as a supplier of innovative digital countdown timers to help keep traffic moving across London.

With traffic flow a major concern in the capital, the new traffic signals make it easier for pedestrians to judge how much time they have to cross the road, so they can cross safely.

The digital timers are the first of their kind to be used in the UK. They are the product of the recent telent/Swarco collaboration agreement, combining Swarco’s leading edge urban traffic products, with telent’s renowned industry experience and proven service delivery.

The digital timers feature a display unit which counts down to zero, so that pedestrians know exactly how much time is left before the lights switch to green and traffic will begin to move.

With around one in five of all fatal and serious pedestrian injuries in London occurring at pedestrian crossings, the timers will also help cut down on the number of road traffic accidents by filling the ‘black-out’ period between the green man symbol going out and the red man appearing.

During an eighteen month trial, the digital countdown timers will be monitored at eight junctions across London to assess their impact on traffic flow and road safety.

“Digital timers have been used in other cities around the world with great success,” explained Keith Higginbotham, General Manager Traffic Technology. “We’ve been looking for the right opportunity to showcase our digital countdown timers here in the UK and are excited about the role they will now play in keeping London moving, safely.

“Collaborating with Swarco on this project was an obvious choice because of their vast experience in the development of traffic products and systems. This, coupled with telent’s systems integration and service strengths provides a quality and reliability beyond compare in the marketplace.”

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