Telent to promote the benefits of AI at rail industry Innovation Conference

Telent Technology Services, the rail industry’s leading technology specialist, is preparing for the upcoming National Innovation Conference organised by the Railway Industry Association (RIA).

A Strategic Partner of RIA’s Unlocking Innovation programme and Platinum Sponsor for the event, which is titled ‘Inspired by Innovation’, Telent will be introducing delegates to its use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to improve safety and performance on UK railways.

In particular, a new platform that uses cutting-edge analytics and machine learning to provide automated incident alerts and previously hidden data insights will be introduced to attendees to the conference and exhibition being held in Newport, South Wales, on 26-27 March 2024.

Telent is combining its popular MICA station management system with digital intelligence developer Purple Transform’s SiYtE insights platform. The result is a monitoring and analysis capability that uses smart cameras and sensors to detect safety, trespass, security, environmental and operational incidents at stations and on the tracks automatically and then to send automated incident alerts, in real time, directly to station and railway operators.

The new platform is already in everyday use on the railway network, including at Dawlish and Dawlish Warren stations in Devon, where the railway runs alongside steep cliffs, putting trains and the track at risk of damage from rock fall. Internet-connected sensors fitted along the cliffs detect any rock fall before sending an automated communications message for investigation, so that any approaching trains can be notified of any potential danger. Smart cameras enhance safety at the station by identifying risks, such as unauthorised personnel or trespassers on the tracks, and delivering real-time alerts to the control room.

Elsewhere around the UK, the new platform is being rolled out at a number of stations on the network, including major termini. Telent’s MICA is trusted by London Underground, DLR and Network Rail to manage over two billion passenger movements at 240 stations including Oxford Circus, Waterloo, and St. Pancras International, where it delivers real-time video surveillance (CCTV), public address, passenger help point, fire and security alarms and alerts directly to control room operators.

Telent and Purple Transform experts will be on hand at the Newport conference to explain the benefits of the platform to delegates as well as to discuss other innovative technologies. Both are important contributors to Network Rail improvement programmes, which are demonstrating how AI can deliver better operational outcomes for stations, trains and passengers.

The use of AI in stations and trackside will form the subject of a presentation at the conference by renowned innovator Dave Looney, Telent’s Head of Product Strategy. As well as looking at the work Telent and Purple Transform are doing together, he will consider the many innovations and developments that are currently being developed and implemented across the UK rail network.

Dave Looney will be joined at the RIA conference by Kevin Bonanno, Telent’s Director of Rail, and by Jordan Fastnedge, Purple Transform’s Chief Client and Partner Officer.


UK Rail is facing many challenges – ageing infrastructure, obsolete systems, climate change – which all lead to operational uncertainty,” Kevin said. “Although well-funded, UK Rail is not funded sufficiently to address these issues without doing things differently. Innovative technology solutions are key to addressing these challenges.


- Kevin Bonanno

Director of Rail

While participating in this important event, Telent will be making the most of the opportunity to engage and connect with SMEs and innovators. So, to join Telent at the RIA Innovation Conference 2024 on 26-27 March at ICC Wales, visit

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