Keep investing in technology to improve Scotland’s Railway, Telent to tell rail conference

Continued investment in new technologies is vital to deliver decarbonisation goals and to enhance the passenger experience on Scotland’s Railway, Telent’s Ken Kyle will tell attendees at the Rail North of the Border Conference and Exhibition next month.

Telent are already working with Network Rail Scotland on a £5m enhancements package on the Far North Line, which includes removing the need for passengers at some stations to use hand-signals to request a train to stop – passengers wishing to board the train will now alert the driver via a request to stop kiosk. This utilises the upgraded RETB radio signalling system deployed by Telent and will deliver an improved passenger experience.

"“Many people depend on transport links on a daily basis, so we’re really proud to be part of making needed upgrades to make people’s lives easier and help encourage positive impacts on the local economies.”"

- Ken Kyle, Telent Technology Service Ltd

The Rail North of the Border conference will discuss topics including how the railway can achieve zero net carbon targets, what are the key trends in rail innovation and sustainability and how can the rail network become more socially relevant. If you want to find out more about the conference please click here:

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