Charity challenge for Alzheimer’s Society extended to round the world challenge after original target achieved early

Team Telent will continue their ‘Let’s go to Tokyo’ charity walk despite the original distance of over 8,000 miles being reached two months ahead of schedule. Now the goal is to go even further, by journeying around the world with a new target of 40,075 km (or 24,901 miles) being set.

The original challenge involved covering a whopping distance of 13,150 km (or 8,171 miles) from April to July by walking, cycling, running, and swimming from Telent’s Head Office in Warwick to the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo in time for the Olympic Games. Thanks to our exercise loving team, Telent is delighted to announce that the original target has already been beaten as more than 18,367 km (roughly 11,413 miles) have already been covered. Only another 21,708 km to go!

Telent’s support for the Alzheimer’s Society last year included the Telent4Alzheimers’ challenge, which saw Team Telent travel a mammoth 7,015km across the UK. Everyone is being encouraged to get involved by submitting their miles for the challenge while fundraising for the Alzheimer’s Society.

An urgent cause

Living with dementia at any time brings everyday challenges for the person and those around them, but coronavirus is making daily life that bit harder for many sufferers of the disease. A person with dementia who lives in a care home has faced a significantly higher risk of getting coronavirus, for example.

Alzheimer’s Society has helped thousands more people affected by dementia who requested assistance for the first time since the crisis started. More than 110,0000 ‘Welfare Calls’ calls have been made since the first lockdown. Despite the unprecedented increase in support required, the organisation has continued delivering life-saving support and ensured that people affected by dementia are not left behind to face the current crisis alone.

To donate to Alzheimer’s Society via Telent’s Olympic challenge, visit Telent's Just Giving Page

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