Supporting colleagues with SEN to succeed

Telent continues its commitment to fostering an equal, diverse, and inclusive workplace, as Ollie Lewis, supported through a programme aiding those with autism and learning disabilities, secures a full-time role as a Warehouse Operative.

In recognition of Autism Acceptance Month, Telent celebrates the achievements of Ollie Lewis, who recently joined the Bridgwater team as a Work Experience Warehouse Operative.

Over the past two-years, in line with its commitment to the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, Telent has supported Hinkley Point C (HPC) through a comprehensive 13-week traineeship programme. The initiative aims to provide valuable on-the-job experience and work readiness training to 18 to 24-year-olds with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). In collaboration with Bridgwater, Taunton College, and Discovery, a charity dedicated to supporting people with autism and learning disabilities, the programme offers training and employment opportunities to help individuals learn crucial skills and find suitable jobs.

Last October, a cohort of nine trainees, including Ollie, joined the scheme to gain firsthand experience across the project. Initially allocated to another Tier One company, Ollie’s path took an unexpected turn. When circumstances prevented them offering him a position on their team, Ollie was left with a completed course, but no prospect of full-time employment.

Simultaneously, Telent’s allocated trainee unexpectedly left the programme, and Discovery reached out to the Bridgwater team to propose a solution: an eight-week trial for Ollie with Telent, with the possibility of permanent employment at the programme’s conclusion.


I’m having a wonderful time working for Telent! Everyone I’ve met so far has been very nice and outgoing. Although some of the assignments I’m given can be difficult at times, I’ve thrived with help from my fellow co-workers, who take their time to help me with tasks and to make the warehouse feel homely


- Ollie Lewis

Warehouse Operative

Despite initial reservations, Ollie quickly acclimated to his new role at Dunball. His dedication and willingness to learn, coupled with an infectious sense of humour, made it easy to quickly settle into the new team. Even when facing challenges, Ollie’s determination remained unwavering, and his colleagues recognised his potential, culminating in Telent offering him a full-time position as a Warehouse Operative at Dunball.

Telent's commitment to supporting colleagues with SEN not only exemplifies its values of inclusivity but also underscores its role as an employer of choice for individuals from all backgrounds. Ollie's success serves as a testament to the transformative power of inclusive employment practices and showcases the potential for individuals with diverse abilities to thrive in the workplace.

Throughout the whole traineeship, Ollie has shown great potential. He’s always been keen to learn new skills to enable him to gain employment. He’s shown dedication and has always been reliable and enthusiastic. I’m positive Ollie will continue to work hard with a smile on his face and become a valued member of the team. It’s been a pleasure working alongside Ollie and the team at Telent

Nikki Davies, Supported Employment Coordinator, Hinkley Point C Lead - Discovery

Having Ollie join the team has been brilliant. He’s always smiling and keen to learn more about the HPC project. He definitely has all the qualities we were looking for in a team member and it’s been fantastic to be able to offer him this role

Keith Perrott, Operations Manager

It’s been great welcoming Ollie to the Telent HPC team. Being able to support a neurodivergent team member to reach their potential has been a very rewarding process. Ollie is a diligent hard worker, reliable, punctual, always willing to work and eager to learn. He’s happy to problem-solve within his capabilities, takes responsibility and is keen to take ownership of work. He’s a great asset to the team

Steven Godfrey, Logistic Manager

Discovery supports autistic people and people with learning disabilities throughout Somerset. The charity helps people choose how they would like to live their life and provide training and support to help them find employment. People with learning disabilities, autistic adults and their families are at the heart of Discovery. It is part of Dimensions, one of the country’s largest not-for-profit organisations, which has been at the forefront of national best practice in support provision for over 40 years. Discovery’s vision for Somerset is for autistic people, those with learning disabilities and their families to gain more control over their support, make more day-to-day choices, live in high quality, and fit for purpose buildings, and have the same opportunities as everybody else from a service that is good value for money.

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