Driving ED&I forward at Telent

Over the last year, Telent has been hard at work championing Diversity and Inclusion around the business and in the communities we operate in.

Our Steering Group has been working in partnership with a number of teams around Telent to drive the business further towards a “One Telent for all”. Together, we’ve worked incredibly hard to champion Diversity and Inclusion in every initiative that’s been introduced.

These initiatives have reaped positive rewards as colleagues have informed the group that they are more engaged than ever beforeand the feedback has been highly positive.

To move further forward, we’re proud to introduce Telent’s ED&I Action Plan which aims to take this vital work to the next level. It sets out a clear framework for how we will continue to make ED&I central to Telent’s culture. It outlines our aims and focuses over the next few years, ensuring that everyone is clear on what we want to achieve and how we’re going to get there.

The Action Plan covers six key themes:

  • Amazing people
  • Having a voice
  • Making it easy
  • A chance to grow
  • Valuing contributions
  • Supply chain

What Telent achieved in 2022

Attending conferences, industry events, and webinars such as:

  • Mayor of London Technology Recruitment Drive for Young Black Men
  • The Institute of Government and Public Policy (IGPP) conferences
  • Young Rail Professionals (YRP) Inspiring Individuals event
  • Department for Work and Pensions Disability Confident Scheme webinar.

Supporting Telent colleagues in creating Community Groups for connection and community:

  • Black Professionals Community
  • Pride at Telent Community

Providing feedback to Telent HR as they update Policies and documents to ensure they're relevant and inclusive

  • Telent’s ED&I Policy
  • New Family Friendly Policies (i.e. better maternity/paternity offerings)
  • Introducing changes to annual leave over the festive period to ensure it's more inclusive
  • Ensuring Be Inclusive is one of Telent's core Values and Behaviours
  • Supporting with Telent's Gender Pay Gap Report.

Empowering colleagues to share their stories in their own words

  • Telent Live Talks
  • Blogs and experience sharing
  • Celebrating religious festivals such as Ramadan and Vaisakhi
  • Sharing information and stories for important awareness days (i.e. Disability Pride)

Supporting the business in joining governing bodies and industry charters

  • ED&I Charter launched by Women in Rail (WR) and The Railway Industry Association (RIA)
  • The Equal Group: GLA Design Lab

Telent are passionate about creating an environment that champions diversity and inclusion

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