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Smartphone usage is reaching an all time high as more innovative applications are emerging onto the scene and are being adopted by users worldwide. This comes as cloud migration continues at scale and as a result, public sector organisations are looking to embrace the digital transformation and take advantage of new ICT services. Like many industries in today’s technology focused world, emergency services need to keep pace with these changes and also adopt the latest ICT to drive operational effectiveness and cost efficiency for the critical services they provide.

Providing emergency services with the robust and dependable ICT systems that support their front-line operations, Telent has announced it will join figures from the public safety sector at BAPCO 2020, to provide insights into the crucial, cutting-edge technologies it provides to the UK's emergency services to enable their critical work.

Taking place at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry from 10-11 March 2020, the leading public safety communications technology event will see Paul Hicks, Head of Wireless at Telent, and Barry Zielinski, Operations and Service Director at Telent, present how its solutions are helping emergency services teams up and down the country.

Mission critical communications

Barry Zielinski will join Hicks in BAPCO 2020’s line-up to reveal how emergency services can benefit from ICT solutions provided as a managed service on Wednesday March 11, at 10:15am. As digitisation of public services continues to evolve, Zielinski will also highlight how managed services provide the flexibility to deliver ICT transformations quickly and efficiently.

With vast experience and expertise in delivering ICT solutions, Zielinski currently supports customers from a range of different sectors including emergency services which has been pivotal for Telent’s success in this area. Ensuring safe and successful delivery of ongoing projects, Zielinski manages all engineering functions across telent’s Network Services division, including both office and field based technical teams, and the service and network operations centres to ensure services are running smoothly.

During the presentation at BAPCO, Zielinski will cover the financial and efficiency gains managed services can provide, the value of a partnership in ensuring ICT strategy aligns with an organisations’ needs and why working with specialist providers is key. Zielinski will also reveal how innovation and future-proofing of equipment and systems is delivered through managed services.

"It is important that emergency services providers understand how innovation and future-proofing of equipment and systems is delivered through crucial ICT managed services. Providing the flexibility to easily adopt new services as requirements evolve or new technology solutions become available can provide multiple benefits to both emergency services and the public by creating significant cost savings, increasing efficiency and offering better quality of service. I look forward to presenting at BAPCO 2020, which is the perfect back-drop to showcase the incredible work we do."

- Barry Zielinski, Operations and Service Director

The sky’s the limit

During the session, ‘Detecting the unauthorised & malicious use of drones,’ Paul Hicks, Head of Wireless at Telent, will reveal how telent’s Drone Threat Management System solution can be used to protect airports, major transport hubs, utilities facilities, stadiums and large public venues from the threat of unauthorised drone usage. Hicks will also explain the

system’s temporary deployment capability which makes it suitable to be used at major public events.

Taking place on Tuesday March 10, at 11:30am, the presentation will outline how Telent’s Drone Threat Management solution can provide support to police and guarding agencies, by detecting and identifying both drones and their operators. He will also reveal the benefits of wideband RF monitoring used in telent’s solution compared with military and radar-based solutions.

Telent’s Barry Zielinski and Paul Hicks will be available for Q&A after the presentations and throughout the event on the Telent stand. If you have any questions, please contact

"With concerns about unauthorised drone usage at the forefront of operations for businesses and organisations alike, they must have a solution in place to help them confidently respond with accurate information. I’m delighted to present at BAPCO 2020, as this intelligent solution delivers the capability to detect and respond appropriately to unauthorised drone usage, providing information to the control room and direct to officers at a potential incident. As the legitimate use of drones continues to grow, the need for effective monitoring and detection of unauthorised use will also grow."

- Paul Hicks, Head of Sales

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