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While the efforts of those in control rooms are often less visible, control room staff play a significant role in supporting the UK’s emergency services. Whether it is taking emergency calls or providing post-incident support to those on the ground, it is the work which is put in behind the scenes which is critical in supporting the life-saving work of our emergency services.

The annual APD Control Room Awards aim to remind people of the selfless contributions that workers in emergency services and critical control rooms make every day for the public. As a proven and trusted delivery partner of APD, Telent is proud to remain as the platinum sponsor for the awards.

Many of those nominated for the Control Room Awards work within some of the control rooms which Telent provides support to across the country. We’re extremely proud to announce that a number of our customers’ hard-working team members have been shortlisted across multiple categories of the prestigious APD Control Room Awards.

North West Fire Control (a Telent control room customer)

As the largest fire control centre outside of London Fire Brigade, NWFC’s Warrington-based control centre serves the fire authorities for Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester and Lancashire. However, it was the work of one individual, Tracy Brindley, which caught the attention of the judges of the APD Control Room Awards.

Tracy has been shortlisted for the ‘Call Taker of the Year’ Award, following her response to a 999 call in which the caller was trapped in a building fire. Thanks to the help of Tracy, the resident was able to evacuate the flat calmly and safely prior to the building collapsing.

While this is only one call, it is a great example of how Tracy was able to think outside the box to support the caller and ensure that they were safe. Not only did Tracy constantly reassure the caller, she ensured the crews were aware of what was happening by liaising with her colleagues, demonstrating excellent teamwork between the control room and the fire fighters.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue (a Telent resource mobilisation customer)

Carol Pask, of Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, has been nominated for the ‘The John Gilhooly Award for the Unsung Hero 2020’.

Carol started her career at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue in 1980 and has been a proud member of the Control room staff throughout her time there. Within her career, she has not only been a competent operator but also taken on leadership roles within the control room.

In addition to her role as a Control Operator, she also goes above and beyond to provide welfare support to her co-workers and the community. Whether via the Red Cross initiative which she has helped to grow, or as part of her role within the incident welfare support team, Carol’s acts of selflessness to ensure others have the support they need don’t go unnoticed.

In particular, Carol has put in measures for all Control staff to do post incident. This is something that has long been happening in Lincolnshire and demonstrates Carol’s forward thinking and the resilience of the work she has put in place for the good of her colleagues and the community.

Devon and Cornwall Police (a Telent control room customer)

At Devon and Cornwall Police, Rich Weaver has been nominated for ‘The John Gilhooly Unsung Hero Award’ and ‘Leader of the Year’ Award. Rich has been recognised by his team for his strong leadership and his continuous efforts to go the extra mile for his team, including his investment in the team’s welfare and development. This has, in turn, created a strong team who work hard for him, support each other and consistently deliver good results.

“These are just a few examples of the selfless and courageous acts which are carried out every day in control rooms across the UK. However, this often goes unnoticed as it is out of sight of the blue lights,” said Barry Zielinski, Operations and Service Director at Telent. “It is the work which goes on behind the scenes by emergency services and control room staff which is critical in saving lives, reducing crime and creating safe communities – and I look forward to celebrating these outstanding contributions at the APD Control Room Awards next month.”

Beyond the control room, Telent also supports a number of emergency services across the UK which we’re proud to say have also made it on to the shortlist for the APD Control Room Awards. This includes:

Leader of the Year

  • Christopher Gooch, Metropolitan Police

Team of the Year

  • Blue Watch (Aeronautical Rescue Co-ordination Centre), Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Young Achiever of the Year

  • Hannah Bird, Maritime and Coastguard Agency

The winners of this year’s APD Control Rooms Awards will be revealed on Thursday, March 5 at Jury’s Inn Hinckley Island, Leicestershire.

Telent is the platinum sponsor of the event for the third-consecutive year and Barry Zielinski – Telent’s Operations and Services Director is a judge on the panel.

For further information on the Control Room Awards visit the Control Room Awards website here.

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