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Telent's STEM programme has been instrumental in inspiring and engaging future generations, helping them see and take hold of the opportunities that STEM industries provide

Starting with just a few STEM ambassadors, we're now proud to support 60+ of our employees, across a wide range of roles, in supporting STEM activities across the UK. The growth year-on-year is exponential and we're looking forward to supporting more STEM events than ever before in the year to come.

We've worked with students from primary school age up to graduates and had a brilliant response from all involved. We have also been able to build a strong network across schools, colleges, universities and governing authorities who we continue to work with in delivering their key initiatives.

Gain Experience

Everyone in the Telent STEM team gains valuable experience which has the potential to fulfil their specific qualification competencies. They also have the opportunity to build and expand a professional network, both within and outside of Telent.

Influence Change

Telent’s STEM team help tackle the industry wide issue that is lack of engineers and entry level professionals in the Telecommunications Industry. Through attending both Telent organised and externally organised events at schools/universities the ambassadors promote careers in the telecommunications industry.

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