Optima Traffic Signal Controllers

Traffic Controllers, such as our cutting edge Optima Controller are now being installed across the UK in over 25 of our contract wins.

The Optima is modular in design and can be configured for all types of intersections and pedestrian control scenarios. The modular software architecture provides full support for a range of integral traffic applications.

All of the Optima family are available as integrated 230V LV and ELV 48V lamp switching variants, and all of the Optima controllers are based on the Swarco ITC-2 hardware platform, supported by telent software architecture. This powerful package provides intersection, Pelican, Puffin and Toucan strategies to Highways England specifications TR2500 to replace the previous generation product range.

We also offer an integral UG405 solution for existing and new Optima controllers. Designed to provide an efficient, cost effective implementation of UTMC control via the addition of a software package.

Download our datasheet to realise all the benefits of this solution.

Special Features

  • The traditional manual panel allows full control and mode selection together with a feedback of controller status
  • A state of the art, powerful, modern processor card running Linux is used for all of the control and supervisory functions
  • The Optima software architecture fully supports the telent MOVA (Version 7) and remote monitoring functions as integral software applications.


An independent processor guarantees that no hazardous situations occur.  This independently monitors:

  • All aspects (including green/green) for conflicts
  • All signal sequences and appearances
  • Any flashing operation
  • Minimum and maximum cycle times where required
  • Minimum and maximum supply voltage and mains frequency for safe operation
  • Inter-green timings

Technical Capabilities

  • Up to 4 streams of Integral Mova 7
  • Optional Remote Monitoring
  • Lamp monitoring of all phases and colours
  • LV and ELV Signal drive variants
  • Integral LRT Mode
  • Expandable to 32 phases
  • Expandable digital I/O to 224 inputs/outputs
  • Expandable to 64 loop inputs
  • Fully compliant with TR2500 including appendices
  • Available in large case (19” rack ), small case (11” rack) and Cuckoo variants
  • Dedicated Windows based Simulator software
  • Dedicated Windows based Configurator software
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