National Road Telecommunications Service

In 2017, telent was award a contract from Highways UK for the operation and management of National Roads Telecommunication Services, a critical component of national infrastructure supporting the country’s 4,400-mile strategic road network.

National Road Telecommunications Service operates and maintains the telecommunications services that link our 30,000 roadside assets (signs, signals, cameras) to seven regional control centres and the National Traffic Operation Centre enabling Highways England to manage and operate the network safely and efficiently. NRTS also delivers all-new telecommunications services to the regional and smart motorway improvement schemes in support of RIS delivery.

Following the expiry of the previous NRTS1 contract, the new NRTS2 contract was awarded to telent Technology services and working with our world-class technology partners, the contract commenced in March 2018 for a term of seven years with a two-year extension option.

In the first six months of the contract, a phased transition of services was undertaken from the NRTS1 service provider to telent.

Throughout the first two and a half years of the contract telent are undertaking a transformation to modernise the NRTS network, delivering new services and replacing life-expired equipment with the latest generation of telecommunications equipment.

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