MICA Station Management System

Telent’s station management system. MICA consolidates communications, fire, security and building management systems in a single operator-friendly interface that enables operators to efficiently manage their stations during both normal operations and disruption.

MICA was developed collaboratively with London Underground and Network Rail to ensure full integration with railway systems. Creating a unique, effective station management system.

MICA enhances station operator effectiveness by ensuring all alerts, incidents and communications are automatically brought to their attention through a single screen.

The station management system gives station operators the capability to control and combine functions from multiple systems including video surveillance, public address, information, help points and fire The operator-friendly touch screen interface enables simple navigation of assets and alarms for fast incident resolution by combining superior operational efficiency and usability with proven railway systems integration.

MICA can be used in the biggest and busiest stations and across multiple stations as a cost-effective centralised solution capable of expansion in line with customer demands

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