Managed Services

The latest ICT solutions, maximum benefit & minimal fuss

Organisations in all sectors continue to increase their reliance on Information Communication Technology (ICT) for the effective and efficient support of their operations. The benefits delivered via ICT solutions may be clear, but product life-cycles are becoming ever shorter leading to increased challenges in managing the technology that all sectors are so reliant on. At the same time and against a backdrop of increased competition, many organisations are seeking to focus on their core business activities. This situation makes ICT Managed Service offerings an ideal solution, allowing organisations to concentrate on their core business whilst gaining maximum benefit from technology.

At telent we design, deliver, support and operate a wide range of ICT solutions for a diverse range of organisations including rail, transport, emergency services, network providers, plus both the public and private sectors. Many of the solutions we provide are for very specialist applications in the emergency service, transport sector and network providers. We also provide the ICT solutions that organisations of all types and sizes depend on.

These solutions can be provided as a complete managed service covering all aspects of an organisation’s ICT. Alternatively, specific individual solutions can be provided in any combination to compliment and supplement existing teams and solutions.

In summary we can deliver any information technology or communications technology requirement that your organisation has, delivered as a managed service.

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