Fireground Radio

Improving critical voice communication for the incident ground

Fireground radios, developed in conjunction with East Sussex FRS with a simple goal, to meet the needs of firefighters on the incident ground and improve voice communication.

Radios are available in both ATEX and non-ATEX options, with a range of accessories specially designed for fireground roles. Analogue and digital modes are supported to allow easy integration and transition from legacy solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Extended battery duration
  • Increased operational range
  • Reduced acoustic feedback in close proximity – down to 1m
  • Improved speech quality & integration with breathing apparatus
  • Large, easy to operate controls & integrated safety features
  • Fire Service specific range of accessories
Crucially, this solution will enhance communications between firefighters on the ground, providing them with better protection and ensuring they can carry out their vital work safely.

Richard Fowler, Assistant Director - Operational Support and Resilience, East Sussex FRS

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