Enabling the seamless operation of existing services during the transformation of major technology infrastructure and IT networks.

An organisation’s communication networks and IT infrastructure continuously evolves and expands as new services are added, new technologies are adopted, applications are upgraded and additional capacity and users are required. These infrastructures evolve as the organisations they support develop and grow both organically and through acquisition. But then there always comes a pivotal moment when a major technology transformation and network upgrade is required.

For large organisations, especially those providing important public services and networks that are part of critical national infrastructure, there can be no big bang switch-over from the existing solution to the new technology. This is especially true for networks connecting tens or even hundreds of sites and supporting many thousands of users.

The successful deployment of large-scale technology refresh and network transformation projects requires the expertise and experience that Telent provides. With many major transformation projects deployed, Telent will take over the support of the existing infrastructure, ensuring this is in a known, stable state and then work with the organisation to implement a phased transformation to new technology. This ensures that existing services continue unaffected while transitioning to new technology that will run alongside existing technology, until the entire infrastructure has been upgraded and the entire network or infrastructure transformed ready to support the organisation and their future requirements.

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