The Challenges of moving to a connected world White Paper

MICA Station Management System



As cloud technology has matured and become more flexible, we now have the opportunity to take ‘things’ (i.e. devices) that traditionally were not considered as ‘connectable’, and connect them to deliver a better customer experience, a richer service to the end user, and to create new potential revenue streams.

However, this opportunity also brings challenges. Decisions need to be made about how these devices are connected, what data will be created, and how that data will be managed, processed, stored and kept secure. An additional consideration is the danger of creating an ‘application-data gap’ where huge volumes of data cannot be processed or moved fast enough to support the ever increasing demand from new and innovative applications.

Connecting the unconnected creates many possibilities for how we engage with devices and traditional infrastructure. In this whitepaper, we will explore why traditionally unconnected devices are now being connected and the challenges this creates. We will then look at how Telent are connecting the unconnected and supporting customers in moving to a connected world.

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