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ICT Managed Services

Emergency Services

Providers of emergency services in the UK are facing a significant Information Communications Technology (ICT) challenge. They need to embrace digital transformation and take advantage of new ICT services, manage all the risks involved and achieve it on increasingly tight budgets. Between 2015 and 2019, emergency fire and rescue services face - on average - a 22% reduction in their budgets1 due to government funding cuts, whilst demand for their services continues to rise. In addition, the Home Office has mandated the introduction of the Emergency Services Network (ESN) which will move the Services’ traditionally radio-based communications to 4G.

Faced with growing pressure to increase inter-service collaboration and share information and services with other emergency service providers, whilst enabling operational effectiveness and focussing on their core businesses, Blue Light services need to harness every technological tool available to them and use them to deliver leaner, smarter and safer services to the community. But is it too much to ask these services to undertake digital transformation, manage government-led technology reform and save lives?

This paper explores the digital challenges that emergency services are facing as well as the potential benefits of using managed ICT services to support their transition into digital maturity.

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