Telent’s Request to Stop team chosen as a finalist at this year’s RailStaff Awards

The team has been selected as a finalist in the ‘Digital Railway Person or Team Award’ category, and we couldn’t be prouder!

Telent’s Request to Stop team introduced a novel and exciting development for the Far North Line in Scotland by collaborating and leading a diverse team of sub-contractors and partners spanning from across the UK, after having been appointed by Network Rail as Principal Contractor.

The Request to Stop team created and encouraged a ‘one team’ ethos bringing together Network Rail, Scotrail, and supply chain partners Comms Design Ltd, Neary Rail, Kelly Rail and Northern Marine Services - building trusted relationships while utilising expertise and knowledge, despite geographical locations.

The novel solution enables passengers to electronically request an approaching train to stop at the station, eliminating the need to hand-signal the driver. The Request to Stop solution not only improves passenger safety and customer experience, but also mitigates the need for a train to stop at every station, creating timetable resilience, operational efficiency, and environmental benefits.

The team’s rail expertise enhanced project approach

A multiple stakeholder approach was required to develop the solution, as it needed a full complex platform-to-train solution utilising the existing Radio Electronic Token Block (RETB) network, previously deployed by Telent.

The team utilised existing partnerships and relationships with several stakeholders on the Far North Line, including operations staff, route signallers and ScotRail’s rolling stock engineering team. An integrated programme was developed and ongoing communications were maintained whilst a collaborative working environment was established.

As a result, trusted relationships grew where everyone went above and beyond to support the innovative trial.

The trial, agreed in May 2020 involved the development from concept to detailed design for all Request to Stop stations on the Far North Line and the installation and commission of one kiosk at Scotscalder Station.

All works were achieved within tight timescales and in challenging environments, including site access constraints, geographical locations with listed buildings and stations without electric power supply.

The system went live, and the trial was successfully delivered in January 2023 creating significant benefits including:

  • Improving passenger and driver safety and experience
  • Providing real-time customer information for the first time on the route, without reliance on conventional Far North Line customer information systems that require manual updating and do not include late running post-departure information
  • Eliminating the need for a train to stop at every station, creating timetable resilience
  • Recovering delay minutes enabling operational efficiency
  • Recording footfall in rural areas

The success of the teamwork, passion for the project, dedication and collaborative approach resulted in the scope expanding from just one trial station, to eight in total and the upgrade of 12 Cab Display Radios to a total of 182.

Everyone involved proactively worked together to find solutions to various challenges to accelerate safe delivery of the project, whilst maintaining and embedding the one team ethos.


We are delighted Telent’s Request to Stop team has been chosen as a finalist at this year’s RailStaff Awards. Their one team ethos has shone through from day one of the project, with the team really coming together and going above and beyond to ensure its successful delivery, which would not have been possible without the dedication and patience of each individual.

Being a finalist in this awards category is a true accolade to the team, but of course I hope they go on to win. Good luck to them and every finalist


- Kevin Bonanno, Director of Rail

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