Telent deliver station end refresh for Avon Fire & Rescue Service

Station End systems are a vital element in the mobilisation of fire services and other public safety organisation to respond to an incident, providing a critical link between control rooms and fire stations, fire fighters and fire appliances. Because of the mission critical nature of station end systems they are connected using a network that has both primary and secondary back-up bearers for complete resiliency, often with tertiary bearers deployed for additional security.

Avon Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) turned to Telent when the network technology they were using for secondary back-up bearers was scheduled to be withdrawn from service. Telent provided an upgraded network solution, based on a powerful router device from technology partner Cradlepoint, that terminated the primary bearer and provided a secondary back-up bearer using a mobile network data service for over-the-air connectivity.

In addition to the network upgrade, the fire coder devices at the core of station end solution were also upgraded as part of the overall project delivered by Telent. Avon FRS now has a solution that ensures business continuity through its upgrades to the fire coders and the new router solution that is also compatible with the ESN Connect service and ready for the future planned transition to the Emergency Services Network.

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