Warwick foodbank receives free IT revamp to tackle strain on current system

A Warwickshire foodbank is benefitting from a new IT system that makes staff and volunteers’ admin duties easier. The update has come at a critical time as demand for their services amongst the community rises.

In recent months, Warwick District Foodbank has been faced with an unprecedented level of reliance on their services. The lack of effective IT systems and equipment was making the work for their staff increasingly difficult to manage.

Telent’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative put together a project to provide solutions for the foodbank to make the administrative duties easier to manage for the employees and volunteers, allowing them to better allocate resources.

Telent graduates and apprentices managed the project and supplied the IT and network equipment to provide much better resources including Wi-Fi to the premises. Cloud storage and file-sharing solutions were also implemented along with software tools.

Telent’s Graduates and Apprenticeships manager, Richard Giddings said, “The team at Warwick District Foodbank are doing fantastic work, and as a local-based business we’re incredibly proud to have helped make their operations easier as they continue to provide vital support for their local community. The staff and volunteers are providing services during a time of unprecedented demand as the cost-of-living crisis affects millions, so our graduates were eager to get involved and help out.”

The support team will also provide training and check-ins with the foodbank following the delivery of the new systems, to ensure everything continues to operate well.


We were particularly impressed with the way in which the Telent Graduate Team conducted the project. Their methodical approach was both reassuring and very professional, especially in providing a simple written and pictorial guide for each individual's new laptop. Overall, the whole project had no disruption on the foodbank operation. We couldn't have asked for a better outcome and each member of the team is delighted with their new laptops, especially the improved speed of operation


- Andy Bower

Operations Manager at Warwick District Foodbank

Since the new system was provided, demand for the foodbank’s services has increased still further. Despite this, Warwick District Foodbank has reintroduced cafes at their distribution centres, giving their clients the opportunity for a brew and a chat with volunteers while they collect their support parcels.

Telent’s Corporate Social Responsibility Challenge allows graduates the opportunity to manage and implement a project that creates a positive impact in areas of the community. The initiative aims to provide valuable experience for graduates while supporting community organisations.

For more information about the foodbank please visit Warwick District Foodbank | Helping Local People in Crisis

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