Micklefield depot upgrade delivers enhanced service for West Yorkshire traffic signals

The delivery of one of the country’s largest traffic signal maintenance contracts has been given an important operational boost thanks to the upgrade of the depot that serves the West Yorkshire area.

Telent has upgraded its Micklefield depot to improve the delivery of a contract awarded in 2021 for five years to maintain, rectify faults and repair assets at 1,600 sites over a geographical area covering 2,029 km².

Telent has provided a significant financial outlay for the refurbishment project which will help the company and its partners, including local council authorities, better maintain traffic signals, lights, vehicle detectors, monitors, and other roadside assets across the local Yorkshire areas.


We’re committed to investing in the facilities that we and our customers need to deliver our projects to the highest possible standard. We’ve always had the skillset and ability to showcase controllers and demonstrate what they can do. At the new depot, we can now run a ‘factory acceptance test’ in front of customers before signal controllers are installed as that was not possible in the old depot. We can also offer training facilities for the business in separate rooms on the site.


- Sam Harvey, Area Manager at Telent

The new look of the building includes floor to ceiling racks, forklifts, bespoke build and test areas and a new open office space.

The depot will house a Regional Manager, Contracts Manager, Technical Support Engineer, Installation Supervisor, a back-office support team including a Fault Co-ordinator, Project Co-ordinator, and Contract Co-ordinator, along with the Installation and Engineering team, and two maintenance trainees. The depot will service the local authority areas of the City of Bradford Metropolitan Borough Council, Calderdale Council, Kirklees Council, Leeds City Council, and Wakefield Council.


It’s like a completely different building when compared to the old depot and allows a larger scale of work to take place. New premises were considered, but operationally would not have been feasible, so the footprint of the building and layout was examined to see what could be done in terms of a bespoke refurb for traffic signals work.


- Nick Howden, Regional Manager at Telent

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