LINX107: telent and Juniper to address network evolution and monetising on 5G

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5G is more than just the next wave of mobile technology, it is set to pave the way to the next era of connectivity. Industrial IoT, Smart Factories (Industry 4.0), Autonomous Vehicles, Augmented Reality (AR) Gaming, Over the Top (OTT) services and Smart Cities are just a few of the examples of what will now be made possible, given the ultra-low latency, high-speed connectivity that 5G will bring.

However, reaching the full potential of 5G requires significant changes to today’s network architecture. These changes are being driven by the need for LTE-A and 5G radio and to bring the edge of the core network closer to end-users to deliver the low-latency applications which is required for these new 5G use cases.

telent and its strategic technology partner Juniper Networks, will examine the changes in the network and how operators’ must evolve their networks to support the upcoming 5G era, at LINX107.

Ways in which operators can monetise on 5G will also be explored, including addressing the requirements of peering and how operators can take advantage of distributed service revenue across both wide area and private enterprise networks.


At LINX107, telent will return to The London Internet Exchange (LINX) members conference as a Platinum sponsor. Taking place at the Park Plaza Victoria in London on Monday, November 11 and Tuesday, November 12, the event is organised by LINX, which provides peering services and public policy representation to over 820 Internet service providers and other network operators. The 25th anniversary of LINX will also be celebrated during the conference.

On behalf of telent, Ian Goetz - Chief Architect, Mobile Solutions, at Juniper Networks will present ‘5G Evolution: Driving the Road to 5G’, at 2:55 PM on Monday, November 11. The presentation will explore the evolution of networks to support the introduction of 5G, including the deployment of edge cloud to drive new low-latency applications and distributed service revenues.

Goetz will also address how these changes will impact routing, security and the bandwidth required to enable peering between operators in the 5G era. How different vendors can work together to deploy private networks to generate new revenues will also be explored. Trials and Proof of Concepts (PoCs) of 5G use cases will also be presented.

The presentation follows telent’s Chief Technical Officer Gerard Donohue’s presentation at LINX105 in May, which looked at different approaches to delivering 5G coverage and services to meet the demands of end-users. The two talks demonstrate the progression in 5G, as operators switch their focus from the best technology to use to the best way to deploy 5G networks.

Meet with telent and Juniper Networks at LINX107

At LINX 107, telent and Juniper Networks will demonstrate how they are working together to deliver the solutions which will support network operators’ evolution to 5G networks. Juniper Networks will demonstrate how telent is leveraging its software to deliver an end-to-end 5G solution for network operators across the UK.

telent is also supporting this evolution with its comprehensive offering for network providers, Internet Service Providers and Altnets, which includes the network design, consultancy and proof of concept to support 5G network builds.

telent’s team of experts will be available throughout the event. If you would like to book a meeting in advance, please contact

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