Inspiring the next generation of rail professionals

For the UK’s rail industry to be a leader in technology, experience and efficiency, it’s imperative that the current – and upcoming – crop of professionals are inspired to work in the sector, and have the support, training and opportunities to succeed.

That’s why Telent, with much of our work rooted in the nation’s rail infrastructure, is proud to reiterate its commitment to Young Rail Professionals (YRP) by renewing its Platinum sponsorship. YRP offers a direct chance to hear from industry leaders, network with peers to learn more about what the industry has to offer and find new career avenues, and gain and develop new skills at seminars, workshops and other hands-on events.

For our rail employees at Telent at the start of their careers, YRP is a priceless institution offering professional development and networking with other people at similar stages in their careers. For Veena Kumari, Group Network and Security Engineer, involvement with YRP has led her to take on roles as both Regional Chair for the West Midlands and, recently, the External Relations Lead, National Committee.

In her new role, Veena will head up sponsorships, including corporate sponsors and members, and external relations. This is in addition to her chair position in which Veena runs the regional committee as well as oversees the organisation of activities in the region.


The rail industry is full of opportunities, ways to improve your professional and personal skills, and routes to make lasting connections. I’m honoured to have been made External Relations Lead which, in addition to my Chair role, will give me the opportunity to grow an organisation that I’m passionate about. I’d encourage any young rail professionals to get involved and not miss out on the opportunity to develop.


- Veena Kumari

Group Network and Security Engineer & YRP External Relations Lead, National Committee.

Another Telent employee, Ijeoma Wagbaranta, Graduate Engineer, Transport, has taken on the role of Networking & Development Lead for YRP West Midlands Region. Ijeoma will be responsible for networking and developing YRP for the West Midlands Committee.

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