Celebrating Pride Month with Live Talk

As part of Pride Month, today Telent hosted its second virtual panel with three incredible colleagues from around the business. This year has significant importance for the LGBTQIA+ community, as it's the 50th year since Pride Month first began.

We heard from the panellists below as they discussed a range of topics and shared their experiences.

Liz, Project Support Manager

Liz is a proud mother to a trans daughter. Liz and her husband are attending their first Pride March in August 2022 as proud parents and supporters in the trans community.

“Pride month is important as a platform to educate everyone on the issues surrounding the LGBT community, and to give a voice to those who haven’t been heard. It’s also an opportunity to celebrate being yourself.

“Most intolerance generally comes from a place of ignorance rather than malice. I hope that by being on the panel and sharing my experiences of being a parent of someone who is transitioning I can show that it’s easy and rewarding to be an ally. As the saying goes, “I can’t change all the people in the world, but I can change the world for one person”.

Mike, Talent Acquisition Recruiter

Mike joined Telent in October 2015 and is openly gay. During his time at Telent he’s become proud of his sexuality and feels as though sharing his experiences might help others who aren’t sure how to navigate being part of the community at work.

“Pride is important as it gives LGBTQ+ people the opportunity to have a voice, say how they feel about everyday life, and to meet other people in the community who they can identify with.

I’m getting involved with this panel to share my experience of being a gay man and to connect to others within the community so we can build a safer place for LGBTQ+ people and allies within Telent.”

Ellen, Commercial Officer

Ellen has been married to her wife for four years and they have a two-year old daughter. Ellen joined Telent in 2018 and felt right away that she could talk openly about her wife at work.

“I wanted to take part in the Pride 50 Live Talk as I feel Telent is a safe and inclusive employer, and the talks will help to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ issues and educate others.

“I hope to offer advice and answer any questions relating to these issues and share my own experiences of raising a child in an LGBTQ+ family and the steps we took to get here.”

‘Be Inclusive’ is one of Telent’s core Values and Behaviours, and the Telent Live Talks feed into this by providing opportunities to share learnings and listen to the experiences of others.

Pride Month is not just a celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community. It's also a chance to raise awareness of current issues still affecting the community to date.

For further details on how you can support the community all year round and about Pride Month, please head to Stonewall's website.

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