Telent shortlisted for Employer of the Year at Coventry University Apprenticeships Awards

Developing and nurturing employees’ growth and overseeing their progress as they take the first steps in their careers, has long been at the heart of Telent’s success. Incorporating graduates and apprentices into its varied and experienced teams with open arms, Telent is a key advocate of employing people who can offer a fresh, vibrant perspective.

This has been highlighted with Telent being shortlisted in the Employer of the Year category at the Coventry University Apprenticeships Awards 2020. The awards celebrate excellence in apprenticeships with both apprentices and employers across the industry recognised with Telent shortlisted in the Business, Admin and Digital sectors.

Mark Toole Jnr, Network Services Training Manager, was nominated for the prestigious award on behalf of Telent by Installation Design Engineer Ciaran Morrow, who began his career with Telent working as an apprentice in Mark Toole Jnr’s team and is subsequently being funded by the company for a degree apprenticeship to support his further development. Richard Giddings, Telent’s Graduate and Apprenticeship Manager, says “This is a superb opportunity to showcase how we develop our people here at Telent and how Mark’s support early in Ciaran’s career has set a great foundation for a successful engineering career.”

Building and developing skills

Apprenticeships at Telent provide hands-on experience in both maintenance and high-profile projects in telecoms, technology and engineering, with Telent providing the training, mentoring and support for the apprentices’ first steps in their career. Opportunities are available across the whole business with current cohorts undertaking apprenticeships in the following disciplines between Level 2 (GCSE equivalent) and Level 6 (Degree equivalent):

  • Infrastructure Technician
  • Digital and Technology Solutions
  • Rail Engineering
  • Accounting
  • Cyber Security
  • Systems Design and Development
  • Project Management
  • Business Administration
  • Communications Technician
  • Customer Services

Telent has two intakes of apprentices every year in January and September and in the 2019-2020 financial year, 30 apprentices were recruited in a variety of disciplines across the UK. Designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining vital communications and networking equipment, and working in teams that support this delivery, the apprentices have the opportunity to learn and flourish in a challenging and varied environment which plays a fundamental role at the heart of the UK’s critical national infrastructure.

Witnessing the development journey

Managing Telent’s people development programs within the Network Services division, our nominee, Mark Toole plays a pivotal role in ensuring that Telent develops its technical capability across all levels in his part of the business and has seen dozens of apprentices gain qualifications and progress with Telent.

“The biggest satisfaction I get is when people come to the business nervous and inexperienced and once they finish the program, they have the knowledge and confidence to succeed in their new career,” said Mark. “Watching them grow over this period and seeing the progress they have made from having relatively limited skills into a capable person is extremely rewarding. Witnessing their development journey and growth in competence, ability and skillset is the most satisfying part of my job.”

The strength of Telent’s apprenticeships is that they provide the opportunity to gain the real-world practical skills along with the industry-recognised qualifications.

Ciaran, who nominated Mark for the award, said: “Mark fervently champions all who wish to better themselves at Telent and motivates so many others through his exemplary ethos. Mark’s compassion towards others contributes to the building of Telent’s family.”

Mark will be attending the awards ceremony later this year with Ciaran and Peter Moir, Managing Director – Network Services, alongside a host of other apprentices and employees which Coventry University is recognising.

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