South Western Railway: Station Information and Surveillance Systems

Railway Telent provides SISS (Station Information and Surveillance Systems) maintenance services. This includes Customer Information Systems (CIS), Help Points (HP), CCTV (VSS), Public Address (PA) and Dispatch CCTV across 192 stations for South Western Railway (SWR).

Telent provides preventative and reactive maintenance services to all of SWR’s SISS assets. There are around 2500 faults reported each year that Telent manage. To support SWR’s requirements, Telent is providing a customer-driven service, balancing asset availability and costs. Telent was initially awarded the contract in 2009 – the contract was retained in 2013 (when Telent added CCTV) and when the franchise changed in 2017 - with the contract remaining in place until 2023.

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