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Since Hewlett Packard Enterprise released their Generation 10 server range at their Global Partner Summit in Las Vegas last summer I’ve had a lot of customers ask me “what’s new?!”. My response is one that resonates with every IT Executive… “SECURITY!”

It is becoming apparent to everyone the cyber security industry is growing at an exponential rate. Everybody now hears of high profile attacks on a near daily basis. As new experts join the ranks, malware is being launched faster than ever before. According to latest statistics, there are around 230,000 new malware samples each day with hackers attacking companies every 39 seconds and 43% of cyber-attacks targeting small businesses. No company or individually is safe any longer, no matter how big or small. Cybercrime is rife.

HPE have successfully created one of the world’s most secure, industry standard servers and have left their competitors questioning their next move in order to follow suit. They have released a generation of server for both SMB’s and Enterprise customers with some interesting security features built into the hardware.

In each Gen10 server, HPE have created a unique individual fingerprint for the silicon. The G10 Server range will not boot unless the firmware matches this print enabling it to be securely locked down end to end. The aim is to repel firmware attacks and stop servers executing compromised firmware code. They now include encryption and breach detection technologies and is complemented by HPE supply chain security and HPE Pointnext security assessment and protection services.

As well as the above leading industry security features, Gen 10 ProLiants have Scalable Persistent Memory - a new category of server-storage devices that reside on the server memory bus. HPE Persistent Memory delivers the performance of standard memory but with the added persistence of traditional server-storage. Businesses today need systems that provide faster access to critical and frequently used data and Persistent memory allows this.

All these added features and functionality, especially around the enhanced security features has made the G10 Server a desirable upgrade for any of my customers. .. I am more than happy to recommend these servers, as secure customers are happy customers!

Author - Andy Cownley, Pre-Sales Consultant.

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