Telent’s zero waste to landfill goal by 2025

Telent have a long history of striving to be the best-in-class organisation when it comes to our work. However, this also applies in areas beyond our usual world class provisions of digital infrastructure. Telent carries this attitude forward when it comes to those responsibilities every modern company has to the greater community.

The world of waste management is one such example and when the stakes are high, with the future of the environment and our modern way of life on the line, Telent is proud to be taking it seriously.

Telent hasn’t benchmarked its performance against others in the industry, we have simply been rolling up our sleeves and getting to work. To highlight our commitment to our objectives in this field, Telent have made it a concrete goal to have zero non-hazardous waste going to landfill by 2025. However, in many cases and operations, this is already happening.

To get us even closer to meeting this target, we partnered with circular economy specialists, Reconomy, to conduct waste segregation audits at many of our busiest sites. This was carried out with a view to learning even more about how we are performing when it comes to recycling. To achieve our goals, we need to know exactly what is being sent out as waste for disposal, where it’s going and how can we mitigate the environmental impact of our work.

If waste isn’t contaminated or misclassified, we can significantly reduce what ends up going to landfill. To help with this, we have partnered with Reconomy, who through their Zero Waste Indicator dashboard, enable us to pinpoint where our opportunities for improvement lie. The dashboard reviews and audits are an ongoing process that will help Telent continue to meet the goals that we have set, with a view to being the most environmentally responsible and sustainable company we can be.

Telent have also responded to employee led initiatives that serve as an extension of our waste management efforts such as the way in which we adopted crisp packet recycling and requiring the removal of single use cups on Telent premises. We also have long since adopted a strategy of extending the lifespan of cardboard boxes that arrive at Telent offices for reuse as a further aspect of our environmentally friendly behaviour.

Our responsibility to the community we serve is at the heart of our core values and our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint are gaining momentum with every new initiative we adopt. Whether it’s the Science Based Targets that will help us to reduce our overall carbon footprint by 50% by 2035 or this waste management programme, we are aiming to be the best we can possibly be and hold ourselves to a very high standard.

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