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It is difficult, if not impossible to predict the future. But what we know for sure is that artificial intelligence, the internet of things (IoT) and emerging technologies like 5G are driving an exponential growth of data.

In May 2020, IDC's Global DataSphere Forecast clearly showed that the creation and consumption of data would grow steadily, and the analysts estimated that over 59 zettabytes (ZB) of data were created, captured, copied and consumed in 2020.

And in March this year, Dave Reinsel, senior vice president, IDC's Global DataSphere said that the amount of digital data created over the next five years will be greater than twice the amount of data created since the advent of digital storage.

IT agility and speed for essential services

For essential services that must use data to iterate and innovate, while digitally transforming and modernising IT, the move is to agility and speed. The new approach is to bring a cloud-like experience to essential service operators to drive simplicity, speed, and security that is packaged into flexible consumption models.

But the big problem is that many local government agencies and organisations dedicated to essential services struggle with legacy IT that resulted in siloed compute and storage, which is connected via disjointed network architectures.

The reality is that the immense amount of data being generated by essential and emergency services is only useful if you know how to capture insights from it.

Trust Telent and HPE to deliver smart solutions for a data-driven world

Every day, essential services capture, store and analyse large amounts of structured and unstructured data. To learn from data through insights, and to innovate and grow, emergency and essential services providers must turn data into actionable insights and value to stay competitive, and to become future fit – today and tomorrow.

Data-intensive applications, analytics solutions, and services deployment will be at the centre of corporate technology investments for the foreseeable future. This data must be stored, secured and accessible as part of an organisation’s data-management effort. However, many operations lack the resources to manage data at this scale and complexity.

Data has the power to transform – but only if it can be refined, organised, and accessed when and where it’s needed – in a cost-efficient manner. Extracting value from data is crucial for innovation and to enable operations to understand and reach new customers. To improve products and services, or to develop new, faster services intelligently demands end-to-end solutions that harness the full potential of data. Full data integration that delivers competitive insights today, and tomorrow, is critical to any digital transformation journey.

From data silos to innovation-driving insights

Together Telent and HPE provide deep expertise and support to help design, plan, and implement end-to-end intelligent data solutions that deliver deep insights that drive innovation.

Our experts are armed with industry-specific experience to equip essential services with cohesive strategies, frameworks, and tool sets that enable a digital-first data strategy to drive value across the entire enterprise.

Telent and HPE can deliver best-in-class technology where and when you need it – from edge to core to cloud. HPE technologies are purpose-built to revolutionise the way customers interact with, organise and extract value from their data and drive business outcomes.

Edge-to-cloud product portfolio

Telent and HPE bring agility to apps and data everywhere – edge, clouds and data centres – eliminating complexity and silos and driving speed and agility with common tools, processes and automation. With the broadest portfolio of proven, workload-optimised IT infrastructure products and solutions, HPE provides a consistent experience using agile servers, secure storage, intelligent networking, and expert IT management. Together with Telent, HPE big data analytics solutions turn your big data into vital insights to transform your business from edge to cloud.

Data management and analytics-as-a-service

Telent and HPE offer a choice in how organisations acquire and consume IT. Pay-per-use economics with the on-demand flexibility and scalability of the cloud reduce the cost and complexity to innovate faster. On-Premise or Hybrid Cloud implementation future-proofs your data management & analytics infrastructure and helps manage administrative costs.

The intelligent solution for a data-driven world

Telent and HPE’s end-to-end intelligent data solutions empower essential services to drive value from structured and unstructured data. Our expertise, technology and economics encompass cohesive strategies, frameworks and tool sets, coupled with leading-edge technologies and consumption models for any point in the customer’s intelligent data journey.

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