Management Integration and Control of Assets (MICA)

Since its launch back in 2006, our Management Integration and Control of Assets (MICA) station management system, is now several generations further along and has been enhancing communication, SCADA and building management subsystems, integrating CCTV, public address systems, passenger information displays, help points, fire and intrusion detection systems and more, ever since.

MICA uses interchangeable drivers with standard interfaces to manage new assets, legacy systems and other building applications. The share of the nation’s stations, mainline and underground, using MICA continues to increase rapidly and it is predicted that 2014 will be the year that the milestone of 100 stations operational is achieved. MICA has continued to grow and develop throughout that time, so that it now interfaces with almost all makes and models of station communication assets and the number of other assets, linked with building management, also continues to increase.

The latest enhancement to MICA embraces Wi-Fi in order to go mobile, enabling MICA’s existing capability to be accessed by station staff via hand-held devices, such as tablets and smart phones, from anywhere in the station. This makes staff free to leave the office and move around the station, to speak to and assist the general public, whilst remaining in complete control of station systems at all times – whether to play a service update announcement, alter information displays, or keep an eye on the crowds from any of the CCTV cameras. Other than hand-held tablets and Wi-Fi, MICA mobile requires no additional equipment, works with existing systems.

It is in times of service disruption that MICA mobile really steps in to the limelight. When travellers need information and assistance, operational staff no longer need to disappear from the front line to resolve the situation. Beyond making life easier for station staff it offers real benefits in terms of customer information and safety; by saving valuable time when providing the latest information and keeping station staff visible and available.

Key success factors are our facilities and team involved in ongoing development. The two developement labs both have systems typically found in the rail environment, making integration design and system testing much easier and more robust. The technical team consists of a dedicated software development team and a group of integration engineers who regularly attend site, understanding the environment MICA is deployed into and the challenges the staff that use it face.

Tecnical Capabilities

  • Will operate as thin or thick client, and with hot standby servers
  • On small stations, a single client server can reside on a single workstation, but MICA will manage a large number of operator positions, with a 22 client system being the largest to date
  • By default, MICA would be supplied as a complete solution, delivered on rail compliant fanless servers, however it has been deployed on legacy equipment and can run on Atom based PCs
  • Our service centre provides 24/7 technical support for customers using MICA
  • MICA includes a Digital Voice Announcer (DVA) and has a sign controller which supports a number of common rail displays

Customer References

London Underground

MICA was deployed as part of the Whole Life contract to upgrade and maintain all Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly Line Stations. It includes some of the largest stations such as Euston, Waterloo and Stratford. At Stratford, the system was expanded to a third operator client as part of a contract with Westfield for the new ticket hall for the shopping centre.

MICA has been deployed at Bond Street, a station extensively modified in advance of Crossrail. MICA replaced the existing management system, reducing Whole Life costs.

MICA was implemented at Canary Wharf as an interface between existing SIMS station management system and the legacy analogue, and new Verint Nextivia VMS  and the migration of 160 analogue cameras to Axis IP CCTV cameras.

Network Rail

MICA as part of their flagship upgrade to Reading Station.

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